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Channel Your Inner Royalty this Holiday Season with Princess Jasmine Perfume from DefineMe Creative Studio and Disney (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

"Channel your inner royalty this Holiday Season with Princess Jasmine Perfume a warm floral, gourmand fragrance from DefineMe Creative Studio and Disney."

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For my birthday earlier this month, my girls surprised me with my very own bottle of Barbie Eau de Parfum, as I had been sneaking spritzes here and there of their bottles, they had received earlier in the year from my mom.  Once you smell this floral fruity perfume, you will see why it is so irristible.  The key note scents are: Pomelo, Strawberry Nectar, Red Cherry, Dragon Fruit; Middle: Dahlia Rose, Gardenia, Peony, Pink Magnolia; Base: Sandalwood, Whipped Cream, Musk.  Being a fan of Barbie as a kid and then getting to relive my childhood with the blockbuster Barbie movie that almost everyone saw in theaters, I felt a little jipped when my girls started to hide their Barbie Eau de Parfum, created by DefineMe Creative Studios.  But, I was beyond surprised when they gifted me my own bottle, which they bought at Macy's.  I had no idea they were getting it for me, so it was a complete surprise.

If having my own Barbie Eau de Parfum wasn't enough, now I get to enjoy another great fragrance created by DefineMe Creative Studios, in celebration of Disney's 100 years.  The Princess Jasmine Perfume truly captures the beauty and romance of Jasmine, one of the beloved Disney princesses, and my personal favorite.

With key notes of Turkish rhubarb and bergamot, followed by night blooming jasmine, orange blossom, clary sage and tuberose, solar ylang, vanilla bean, cinnamon bark and white musk, this Jasmine perfume by Define Me with not delight your senses, but have you feeling like you, too, are a beautiful Disney princess, ready to dress up in your ball gown and dance all around, or at least feel like a million bucks, as you head out for a date night or girls' night out.


More about this fragrance from DefineMe Creative Studio and Disney:

"The essence of enchantment, this Jasmine perfume by Define Me delights with notes of Turkish rhubarb and bergamot, night blooming jasmine, orange blossom and other fragrances that capture the beauty and romance of the Disney Princess. Inspired by Disney's animated Aladdin, it comes in the prettiest glass bottle, making it a very special gift for yourself or someone you love."

  • Top fragrant notes: Turkish rhubarb and bergamot
  • Middle notes: night blooming jasmine, orange blossom, clary sage and tuberose
  • Base notes: solar ylang, vanilla bean, cinnamon bark and white musk
  • Glass spray bottle
  • Inspired by Disney's Aladdin (1992)

  • 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz
  • Bottle: glass
  • 5 1/2'' H x 3'' W x 2'' D
  • Cap: polyproylene
  • Pump: mixed material
  • Box and insert: post consumer paper
  • Made in the U.S.A.


I received a sample bottle of the Jasmine perfume by Define Me, and was quick to share it with my girls.  Like me, they both loved the glass spray bottle, and couldn't get over the amazing smell.  My youngest said that this was the prettiest spray bottle she had ever seen, before quickly following up with, "Wouldn't it look nice on my dresser, next to the Barbie perfume."  Knowing that I would not just give up my Jasmine perfume, she was quick to request her own bottle for a belated birthday gift, or a Christmas gift.  Knowing how they let me sample their Barbie perfume until they bought me my own bottle, I ended up picking my girls up their very own Jasmine perfume by Define Me for Christmas. I know they will be just as surprised as I was when I unwrapped the Barbie perfume, when they unwrap their very own Jasmine perfume by Define Me on Christmas morning.  

If you are a Disney princess fan or love perfume and collecting pretty spray bottles, or are looking for the perfect gift for that hard to shop for tween/teen in your life, then I highly recommend you consider picking up the Jasmine perfume by Define Me this holiday season. 

You can order it from the shopdisney.com website, along with Snow White 85th Anniversary Perfume by Define Me (https://www.shopdisney.com/snow-white-85th-anniversary-perfume-by-define-me-470023169488.html), which also comes in a cute spray bottle, complete with a red apple bottle top.


About DefineMe & DefineMe Creative Studio

DefineMe, led by founder Jennifer McKay Newton, believes that scents have the power to evoke feelings and emotions. Each perfume is lovingly crafted with meticulous attention to design and detail, ensuring that it looks beautiful and timeless.The company is steadfastly committed to conscious beauty practices and firmly believes in using only natural, organic, and toxic-free ingredients. They want their customers to feel good about the products they use and the impact they have on themselves and the environment. Ethics and compassion are at the core of the brand. DefineMe products are all cruelty-free and vegan, and they take sustainability seriously by incorporating sustainable packaging materials to minimize their environmental footprint. DefineMe’s dedication doesn't stop there. Driven by a strong commitment to social impact, since 2016 they have proudly supported She's The First, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating gender inequality by providing assistance to girls in underprivileged areas, enabling them to become the first in their families to graduate from high school. DefineMe is a visionary fragrance brand with a clear mission: to empower self-worth and confidence through scent.


Where the art of fragrance meets the magic of imagination, DefineMe Creative Studio, the licensing arm of DefineMe, specializes in crafting exquisite and contemporary interpretations of perfume that breathe life into beloved personalities such as favorite Disney Princesses and Mattel’s iconic Barbie®. 

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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