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Axol & Friends are the "Plushies with a Purpose" - Gift One of These Cute and Cuddly Axolotl Plush Toys and Help Support This Sustainable Movement (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Ever since my oldest saw an axolotl at the pet store a few years ago, she continues to ask for one to this day. She has done her research and read up on caring for an axolotl.  But, we currently have a senior rescue dog who prefers to be the only pet in the house and wouldn't do well with another pet, even if in a tank, in the house. Plus, we have had a handful of pets through the years and it always ends the same way -- with me taking care of the pets.  Yes, the girls are all excited at the start when we bring a new pet home and help take care of them for the first few months. But, then they get busy with school and activities or don't find their "new" pet as much fun, so they let me take care of feeding, cleaning the cage or up after them, etc.  Because of this, whenever one of the girls asks for a new pet, I am quick to say, "Not right now."  

My oldest daughter started asking again for an axolotl as one of her friends got one and says it was the coolest thing.  It wasn't until the axolotl started to grow and her friend's parents had to get a bigger tank, that things started to set in that an axolotl as a pet can be work, and you need to be ready to upgrade the tank so they have room to move out.  The average tank should be 29 or 40 gallons. Axolotls grow to about 12-13 inches long and can live 5-6 years on average, with some living much longer.  My girls are in 9th grade right now, so I know if we were ever to get another pet, I would be left to take care of once they headed off to college.  

I found a way for my daughter to stop asking for an axolotl thanks to the folks at Axol & Friends.  I surprised her with a cute gray Axolotl plush called Axol.  

Buy now for only $24.99

Axol the Axolotl is a plush designed in the image of the endangered salamander native to Mexico. These little creatures are quirky, silly, and have amazing regenerative abilities. Axol is adventure ready, fun for all ages, soft and cuddly and even meets all governmental regulations for cute plush toys!

* Recycled Polyester Fabric

* Measures 8 Inches Tall

* Portion of Sale Donated to Youth Empowerment and Environmental Conservation      Programs! 

* Comes in Limited Edition Canvas Drawstring Bag


She still loves plushies and collecting them. And, her bed is covered with all her favorite stuffed toys.  So, I knew a new plush would be perfect for her.  As soon as she saw Axol, her heart melted and she couldn't wait to snuggle and cuddle this oh so soft and cuddly axolotl plush.  She couldn't get over just how soft this plush was, and loved the color.  It was the perfect size for cuddling, and also sits perfectly on her school desk when she is doing her online classes.  She loves glancing over and seeing her smiling Axol plush watching her. :-)

And, thanks to the folks at Axol and Friends, my youngest didn't have to feel left out or without an axolotl of her own, as they graciously sent along another one of their popular axolotl plushies, the mini realistic axolotl plush in pink.  


Buy the mini realistic Axolotl Plush for only $34.99

(Currently available in pink, gray or blue)

This lovable plush is designed after the axolotl, an endangered salamander native to central Mexico. Available in multiple sizes and weights, the realistic axolotl plush provides a sense of comfort and calmness in times of anxiety or nervousness.

Ten trees are planted for every plushie sold, and 1/2 of the profit is donated to our youth programs. Together we can change the world!

She couldn't get over just how realistic this mini axolotl plush looked to the real thing. And, just like her sister's plush axolotl, she gave hers a good squeeze to check to see just how cuddley and soft it was, and it passed with flyer colors.  Even though my youngest is a tween now, I oftentimes find her carrying around this plush axolotl and snuggling with it on the couch.  She likes how it feels, and I like how the girls now have their very own axolotls without all the upkeep.

Do you have an axolotl lover in your life?  Or, have your kids have been asking for one after seeing it at a pet store or online?  

Beyond cuddles, they promote awareness of endangered species and plants, and every purchase supports nonprofit partners worldwide, fueling after-school programs that empower the next generation to become impassioned activists and environmentalists. With therapeutic benefits like weighted designs and scented pouches, these plushies offer comfort and sensory support. Join their mission to invest in our planet, empower youth, and create a brighter future."

Why not pick them up their very own soft and cuddly axolotl plush from Axol and Friends. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, including scented and weighted axolotl plushies. There are also collector pins and even a cute assortment of Mr. Catcus plush toys for those catcus lovers in your life.  

The hard part will be choosing the perfect axolotl plush as they are all so cute. 

""Plushies With A Purpose" – Axol & Friends is not your typical plush toy brand; it's a sustainable movement with intention. Their socially-conscious plushies, led by the adorable Axol the axolotl, are made from recycled materials and perfect for gifting. 

Not only will they get to love on this oh so cute and cuddly plush (which is made from recycled plastic), but 1/2 the profit of each purchase is donated to youth programs, and 10 trees are planted for every sale. So, it is a win-win for everyone, and this becomes a gift that keeps on giving.  I love gifts like this, and also love supporting businesses with a purpose like this one.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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