Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Enter to #Win FREE Pompeian Olive Oil #Giveaway

If you love to cook or are the person who prepares meals in your home, then do I have the perfect giveaway for you to enter.  

Right now, Pompeian is giving away limited quantities of its NEW 100% California olive oil from the first sustainably grown certified olive farm in North America, Pompeian’s very own, Sunrise Olive Ranch. I love using Pompeian olive oil varieties when cooking and preparing meals, and I am excited to try out their NEW 100% California olive oil.  With the cost of products going up, I am finding that this brand of olive oil is remaining affordable and doesn't skimp of flavor.

"Pompeian® Unveils the First Sustainably Grown® Certified Olive Farm and Olive Oil in North America"

Join me in entering the Pompeian giveaway for a chance to win a FREE bottle of Pompeian Sustainably Grown® Olive Oil,  Head on over to www.Pompeian.com/sustainablygrowngiveaway to enter to win. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to legal residents of 50 US/DC, 18+.  Act fast, as this giveaway ends on June 15th. 


More about this new 100% California olive oil sourced from the Sunrise Olive Ranch:''

"As one of the largest olive tree farmers in California, Pompeian decided to use its

own California farm, Sunrise Olive Ranch, as its testing ground, putting its reputation and

leadership position to the test. The farm earned the certification on its first attempt, including''

surpassing business integrity and social standards. As a result, Pompeian can now say they 

are the first Sustainably Grown Certified olive oil producer in North America, and currently the 

only in the world, helping the company fulfill its commitments to the United Nations' 

Sustainable Development Goals. A win for olive oil lovers everywhere, Pompeian is offering 

this benefit to its consumers with no price increase or impact on its already value price.

Committed to worldwide sustainability practices, Pompeian plans to actively scale 

sustainability certifications to all of its olive farms. The company's multi-year plan, which 

begins with all California product, paves the way for 50% of Pompeian farms worldwide to be 

Sustainably Grown Certified by 2026, aiming for 100% by 2030 across the United 

StatesSpainArgentinaTunisia and Morocco.

Pompeian is no stranger to setting standards. In fact, the organization has a long history of working with the highest authorities to set benchmarks and hold itself accountable in the production of all oils sold in grocery, club and mass merchandise outlets. In 2012, Pompeian urged the USDA to create a standard of quality for extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) produced and sold in the US, which the regulator did and thus elevated the standards for EVOO which Pompeian still holds itself to today.

Pompeian's ambitious plans continue. The organization is committed to paving the way for its competitors to follow its lead and is directly communicating with leading global olive oil producers to embrace sustainable practices and earn certification. Pompeian also has plans to collaborate with the UC Davis Olive Center to validate this certification for the previously non-certified olive tree farming industry in California, analyzing the standard to guarantee it will align with the olive tree agricultural process. The Olive Center at UC Davis is the most prestigious center in the country for validating standards of quality and sustainability, and tracks olive farming and production processes in the United States and globally. Pompeian is also exploring a collaboration with Pollinator Partnership to implement a certification program, knowing an important resource in the development of sustainable olive groves includes the development of a robust pollinator community (bees, birds, insects) on all farms. Like the Sustainably Grown Certification, Pompeian will share its roadmap with competitors with the goal of setting and raising the bar for what it means to be a sustainable and responsible olive oil brand.

For more, please visit www.pompeian.com/purpose/ and www.scsglobalservices.com. Other inspiration and updates can be found by following Pompeian on LinkedInFacebookInstagram and Pinterest."

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