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You Can't Have Too Many Water Bottles...Can You? -- MyBevi Decorative Jewel Band Tumblers Make a Great Gift Idea, Especially for Tweens and Teens (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Do you ever stop and take a few moments to go back and look at old photos of your family?  Usually I see a photo pop up on my social media and that triggers me to want to take a walk down memory lane and look at old photos I have saved on my Google drive.  And, just the other night after backing up a bunch of photos from my phone, I started to look back at photos of the girls.  Photos I took on my phone recently made old photos that were similar in nature appear, and I couldn't stop by admire the girls when they were little, and then look at how they have grown into beautiful young women right before my girls.  Just look at this picture of my oldest, when she was little, still sitting in her car seat and not asking "Are we there yet?" or "Why is the Internet in the car so laggy?,"as she tries to text her friends or watch a movie on her phone or tablet.

And, now look at her now -- 6 months shy of becoming a teenager...

Now she is asking me to make a stop at Starbucks for her favorite frappuccino, or toting around her bedazzled tumbler with her own copycat Starbucks drinks in them to extracurricular activities or back to her room to read or play on her computer.  I didn't want to believe people when they said it would go by in a blink of an eye, when the girls were little, as at that time it felt like it would take forever to potty train, get over the terrible 2's and 3's, etc.  But, with each milestone, I, like so many other parents, were always in a go-go-go mode, and didn't stop to savor those precious moments, as I thought they would be little for a long time.  As I write this post, I am only seeing as I look at comparison photos that are popping up on my Google Photos that the girls did grow up in a blink an eye, and that I really need to slow down and enjoy the time I have with them, as they will be off to college and then starting their own lives before I know it.  So, my new year's resolution for 2023 is to do just that -- slow down and enjoy time with my girls. It is funny that I have to say this and make it a resolution as I homeschool them and see them every day.  But, even with homeschooling comes a busy school schedule with our own schooling and then all their outside the house programming.  It isn't until I see photos like above or they say or do something that makes me stop in my tracks, that I am reminded that time goes by so fast.  I think with COVID happening, and the world slowing down for those couple years, it forced people to stop and really reflect on their life and make time for family as we were stuck at home with nothing to do, but be together 24/7.  COVID was a blessing for many in this way.

The MyBevi collection offers stainless steel tumblers for everyone that are made to endure all weather conditions and activities. Get your coffee fix for the day or quench that thirst with ice-cold water.

As I gear up to celebrate the holidays with my family, I am making a point to create special memories with my girls.  We just came back from an overnight hotel stay where the girls got to experience their first jacuzzi tub experience in a hotel room. We pigged out on late night snacks, while snuggling up in a king size bed together, watching movies together until we passed out -- well, I passed out first, and they followed some time later. :-)  While packing for our overnight getaway, both of my girls made sure to bring their new favorite bedazzled tumblers from MyBevi, I was recently sent to review.  I was sent these two tumblers -- in hopes to keep one for myself, and give the other to my girls to share when they head to the gym with their dad to work out. But, as soon as my girls saw the tumblers they let out big "ehhhs and ahhs" before reaching for the one they wanted, leaving me with the empty boxes. Hmmm.  

I was quick to go to Amazon and buy myself one, as I really liked how these tumblers from MyBevi looked with the decorative jewel band, or what my girls called the "bedazzled" look.  I wanted to match my girls, and also have a MyBevi tumbler to bring to the hotel with the girls, as I planned to make Shirley Temples for us to enjoy.  These special drinks became a staple for our mommy-daughter nights we started a few years back. And, now we can't go a girls' night without them. I thought it would be a nice touch to enjoy them in our "bedazzled" tumblers, while also keeping them cold all night, or however the drink lasted. 

My girls took their MyBevi tumblers to the pool while at the hotel, and everyone who saw their tumblers in passing in the hall, the elevator and at the pool, stopped to compliment them, admire them, and ask where they could get one.  They had never saw a tumbler like this with the decorative jewel band, and loved the colors, especially the turquoise MyBevi Hollywood Tumbler

I was quick to share the website and let them they know they could also buy them on Amazon like I got my own, as the girls wouldn't share with me. We had such a fun time together at our overnight and can't wait to plan another.  And, I know when we do, we will have our MyBevi tumblers in hand.  In the meantime, I will just watch my girls in passing with their bedazzled tumblers and be reminded that they are growing up fast, and I need to make a point to slow down and enjoy these moments, even on those days they will not stop fighting with each other or talk back.  I did this as their age, and it is just a phase...just like the sippy cup and Minnie Mouse purse phase my oldest daughter went through each and every time we went for a car ride.  Now, she is with her phone and MyBevi bedazzled tumbler. 

"Eco-conscious consumers will be glad to know that this small family business is doing its part to provide sustainable solutions for a healthier future for our planet."

If you have a tween/teen in your life that you are trying to shop for and can't seem to find the perfect gift that they will actually like, why not consider picking them up a MyBevi tumbler.  The decorative jewel band Hollywood tumbler is just one of many tumblers and water bottles available for purchase.  You can even engrave your MyBevi bottles for a more personalized gift.  This is what I plan to do with the MyBevi bottles I buy the girls for Christmas.  Seeing how much they love their current Hollywood tumbler, I know they will love finding another one under the tree on Christmas morning.  

And, my girls and I are not alone in being a fan of MyBevi bottles/tumblers -- they have over 800+ positive Amazon reviews from customers who bought and love their MyBevi bottles.  

So, what are you waiting for, head on over to Amazon today and browse the wonderful selection of bottles for everyone on your holiday shopping list, including your hard to shop for tweens/teens -- the hard part will be choosing the perfect bottle for each person, as they all are great! You can also visit their website here: https://mybevi.com/collections/tumblers.


Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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