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Gross Has Never Tasted So Good -- Kids Will Love Cooking Up Spew-Worthy Recipes with the "Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook" -- All Recipes are Edible and Delicious! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Were you a fan of the Garbage Pail Kids cards as a kid back in the 80's?  I remember saving up my allowance to have money to spend when the card show came to town at our local mall. Vendors would set up tables all throughout the mall selling Topps sports cards, as well as novelty cards like the highly collectible Garbage Pail Kids.  I loved how you not only trading cards and stickers, but also a stale stick of pink gum to chew on with each card pack.  Ahh, the good 'ole days! :-)  Even though the Garbage Pail Kids were gross and disgusting, there was something about wanting to collect the whole set, and needing to trade out duplicates with friends after you got a new pack.  This was one of the few card collections my parents held on for me, so that I could pass down to my kids, as they know how much the cards meant to me, and how hard I worked at getting all the cards to complete my set.

Now 37 years, Garbage Pail Kids is back entertaining young kids thanks to a book series put out by R.L. Stine, as well as the "The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook," which I was able to get my hands on.  I don't know who was more excited to get this cookbook, my girls or I. I knew the recipes would be gross in nature (not in taste), but both of my girls became instant fans of the Garbage Pail Kids after reading the middle grade series from Garbage Pail Kids and R.L. Stine. 

It wasn't until they got into the books that I surprised them with my card collection from the 80's.  They were impressed with how many cards I was able to collect, and how I kept them all in pristine condition, as each card was in its own plastic sleeve.  I told them I didn't want the edges to bend or them to get damaged from handling.  I was a serious Garbage Pail Kid collector, like so many other kids of the 80's, and these trading cards were a huge thing with kids.

Here is a taste of some of the recipes that you will find in this cookbook...

While they look gross, I will say that we made each of the above, as my girls just had to try them out and see for themselves, especially the poop cookies, and they all taste great -- just not appetizing to look at. But, come on, if you are a true Garbage Pail Kids fan, you expect nothing less than totally gross, and this cookbook delivers just that!

My girls can't wait to get in the kitchen and make more recipes from this cookbook in the coming weeks. I love hearing them describe the recipes they want to make to friends and teachers online, and listening to their "Ehhh, that is gross!" reactions.  

If your child has gotten into the Garbage Pail Kids craze with the new middle grade series books from Abrams Books, or you are looking for a series to get for those reluctant readers, I highly recommend you check the chapter books and this cookbook out. Why not pick up the book set and the cookbook and make a fun gift basket to leave next to the tree. I found a bunch of people selling unopened packs of Garbage Pail Kids cards on Ebay, that would make for a great addition to a gift basket you put together.  I can't complain when my girls ask to bake or cook and reach for this cookbook, as I know they will have fun working together in the kitchen on the recipe, and during this time there is no sibling fighting.  And, it is always fun to try out the final dish, even if it doesn't look appealing, as I know it will taste good.

You can learn more about the "The Garbage Pail Kids Cookbook" by visiting the Abrams Book website here: https://www.abramsbooks.com/product/garbage-pail-kids-cookbook_9781419760693/.  The book is also available at Amazon, as well as other major book retailers in store and online.

About this cookbook:

"Gross has never been so tasty with this illustrated children’s cookbook from Topps and the Garbage Pail Kids brand, featuring more than 35 zany, kid-friendly recipes and an introduction by R.L. Stine

Learn to cook and eat like a real Garbage Pail Kid with more than 35 delicious—and mostly healthy—recipes from Elisabeth Weinberg, a New York City–based chef and Chopped champion, and her husband, Matt Stine. Young chefs will have fun making and eating recipes from Nasty Nick's Garlic Snots to Rob Slob's Garbage Pail Slaw and Adam Bomb's Blender Blasters! This easy-to-follow book also features a section of science experiments, an introduction by R.L. Stine, full-color illustrations by celebrated Garbage Pail Kids artist Joe Simko, and plenty of outrageous humor that is guaranteed to appeal to every generation of Garbage Pail Kids fans."

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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