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The CASA M SPICE CO® MINI RANCH PACK® Gift Set Makes for the Perfect Gift for the Grillmaster in Your Life -- Comes Boxed and Ready to Gift, Too! (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Did you take up any new hobbies during COVID?  My husband watched a lot of cooking shows with us while he was working from home, and started to help cook dinner in our house.  Well, he wasn't actually cooking up a whole meal, but he finally put to use the grill we picked up a few years ago, and used occasional for grilling burgers and hot dogs.  Thanks to grilling shows on the different cooking channels, he used his grill to cook up ribs and chicken, and the end result was nothing I could have achieved cooking them on the stove top or baking the oven. He was able to keep the chicken especially moist, while getting a nice char on the outside. And, his ribs pull right off the bone and melt in your mouth.  He did go through a period of burning or not cooking the meats enough, but with all the time COVID allotted him, he mastered his grilling, and now finds every opportunity to grill and put a tasty dish on the table, while my girls are in charge of the sides.

Knowing how much my husband loves grilling and wanting to get him a gift that would elevate his flavor levels, I found myself looking online for difference seasoning sets to get him.  I kept going back to the CASA M SPICE CO® website and their MINI RANCH PACK® gift set.  

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What I loved about this particular gift set was that it included seasonings for chicken, pork and beef -- the three things my husband loves to cook up.  And, I liked how the seasonings came in a stainless steel shake jar that would fit on the shelf in our kitchen, or could be brought outside and used when he was at his grill.

The kind folks at CASA M SPICE CO® sent along their mini ranch pack gift set for review, and my husband jumped at the opportunity to help me review it.  He ran to the store and picked up a few steaks and brisket to try the Cattle Drive beef seasoning first. He liked how the seasoning came in stainless steel shake canister for storing and easy seasoning.  As soon as he started to shake the seasoning onto the steak, he said his taste buds in my mouth started to water, and it smelled amazing.  But, the best part was when we sat down to dinner that night and had the steak. OMG, this was the best tasting steak I had ever had.  It even put the $100 steak we had for our anniversary in NY years ago to shame.  

The cattle drive beef seasoning gave a nice crust to the meat when it was grilled up, and it locked in the juices of the meat. So, with every bite, we got a nice mouth watering piece of steak, along with the seasoned crust from the seasoning. My husband said a little of this seasoning goes a long way, and was happy he had enough left in the container to season brisket the next night for dinner. He ended up using his smoker we gifted him for his birthday this summer, and WOW, that, too, was amazing.  I wish I took photos of the brisket and how as he sliced into it the juices flowed out, while the outer portion of the brisket had a nice char and crust to it.  

Here is a quick YouTube video that folks at CASA M SPICE CO® shared of their cattle drive seasoning used on brisket. 


It looked just like what my husband cooked up, and boy, does it make you hungry and crave more.  I know who I will be asking to make dinner this week...and the menu will include brisket, with enough for leftovers to be added to my husband's signature brisket mac and cheese dish.  My mouth is watering just thinking about this!

In addition to the cattle drive beef seasoning, the mini ranch pack gift set also includes free range chicken seasoning and whole hog pork seasoning.  While we haven't had a chance yet to use the whole hog seasoning, my husband did use the free range chicken seasoning a handful of times on grilled chicken legs and breasts, and when in a rush for a quick dinner, has even added it to chicken breast and then shredded the chicken to turn it into a chicken quesadilla. This seasoned chicken paired with melted cheddar cheese is lip smacking good.  

To say my husband loved the CASA M SPICE CO® mini ranch pack gift set is an understatement.  He still has a lot left in each of the three steel shake containers, but had to order more off the website as he said he didn't want them to sell out and not have any handy. Plus, it gave him another reason to pick up some of CASA M SPICE CO®'s other spice blends including their all-purpose seasoning, jerk seasoning and fish seasoning.  I even had him grab a mini ranch pack gift set for me to gift my dad, as he loves to grill, and will have fun adding flavor to plain old steak or chicken he throws on the grill.  Family and friends will think he took a master chef course with the plates of flavorful meat he serves up.  When they ask, he will then talk their ears off about how great CASA M SPICE CO® is and all about their different spice spends...I know this will happen as that is what my husband does whenever someone comes over and he jumps into action offering to make dinner, just so he has an excuse to use his CASA M SPICE CO® spice blends set and show them off.

If you have grill/smoke master in your life, I highly recommend you check out the CASA M SPICE CO® and their gift sets and spice blends, as you do your holiday shopping.  Each of the spice blends we have tried so far from CASA M SPICE CO® are full of flavor and really elevate the meats my husband grills up.  Once you start cooking with CASA M SPICE CO® you will not want to go back to old spice blends as they can't compete with the flavors CASA M SPICE CO® is able to deliver with their spice blends.  Head on over to to check out their different collections, gift sets and spice blends -- all of which would make the perfect gift under the tree or even as stocking stuffers for the grillmaster in your life.


More about the CASA M SPICE CO® MINI RANCH PACK® gift set:

"If you are looking for an easy way to get several of Casa M Spice Co®’s delicious spice blends at one great price, try the Mini Ranch Pack®. It comes equipped with three 10 ounce stainless steel shakers of Cattle Drive®, Free Range® and Whole Hog®, seasonings designed specifically for beef, chicken and pork. Trust us, you will go through these seasonings quickly as you try new flavors and enjoy with your family and friends. It also makes the perfect gift for your favorite chef or grillmaster.

Treat yourself and your friends and family by taking home a mini ranch with a Casa M Spice Co® Mini Ranch Pack®.  

The Original Mini Ranch Pack® comes in our new Retail Packaging with a see-through Chile window on the front.  The Uncontrolled Mini Ranch Pack® comes in our shipper box that is more rugged, but equally stylish and handsome.

This flavor-filled pack includes three 10-oz stainless steel shakers (filled with product) of Casa M Spice Co® blends:

Available in two heat levels. Our Original blend set has just the right background heat to excite your tastebuds while our Uncontrolled blend set doubles the heat to satisfy the heat lover in all of us while striking the perfect balance between heat and flavor."

 Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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