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Disclosure: Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.


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Last night after everyone went to bed, and the house was quiet, I sat down and watched "An Unlikely Angel," which is streaming now on Pure Flix (sign up for a FREE trial now, or keep reading to learn how you can win a FREE 3-month membership to enjoy this and so many other great family-friendly, faith-based movies and shows). 

This the second time I watched this movie streaming on Pure Flix, and was the perfect movie to unwind after a crazy few days.  My youngest was diagnosed with the flu last night, after two days on not feeling well. So, as you can imagine there have been a lot of up all nights the past few days, as well as long days with her fighting not to eat or drink, and moody from not feeling like herself. I wanted a way to unwind and relax, and have found that quiet time watching movies on Pure Flix is the perfect remedy.  I am so glad I made time to watch this movie again, as it was a great reminder about needing to slow down and enjoy living in the moment, as well as not trying to check off everything on your to do list (as we all know it is nearly impossible to do, without stressing yourself and your family out).  The holidays are fast approaching, and as you know this can be a hectic time of year trying to get everything done for things are just right. But, then things like illness or an unexpected life event seems to throw you for a loop.  This movie was a great reminder for busy parents like myself to know that we are expected to get everything done in a day, and that being present for family is more important than chasing a high paying job.  We are all living on borrowed time and never know when we will be called Home. So, we need to make sure we are making the most of our time here on Earth and spending it with those we love.

In "An Unlikely Angel," we meet Janie, a workaholic who is also almost ready to give birth to her first child.  She grew up a tom-boy and is scared she will not be a good mother to her unborn daughter. This causes her to panic on the roof of the office building she works at in NYC.  Her co-worker suggests she ask God for help and guidance, and that is what she ends up doing -- thinking nothing will come of it.  But, when you speak, God listens, and he sent Gabe, an angel to watch over and help guide Janie during this life changing moment in her life.



"Janie is a workaholic who is falling apart at the thought of becoming a first-time mom. She whispers a small prayer for help and it's answered in a very un-likely way when an angel intervenes and fast forwards her life.  Will her second chance change how she approaches life? Janie is lucky enough to be given a second chance, but will she change before it's too late?"


Jillian Murray as Janie

Robert Amaya as Gabe

Aaron Mees as David

Sam J. Jones as Buck

Brittany Goodwin as Kelly

Delyla de Castro as Samantha


After giving birth, instead of going home to be with her new baby and husband, Janie passes her daughter, Samantha, off to her husband and hails a cab to bring her back to the office to handle a pitch idea she gave right before her water broke.  As I watched this scene unfold I wondered if there were any mothers out there who skipped maternity leave and went straight back to the office like Janie wanted to do?  She truly was a workaholic and lived and breathed her job.  Her angel had other plans though when he picked her up in his car to bring her to the office. He gets into a car accident and this lands Janie into a coma for 6 years.

"“An Unlikely Angel” is a movie about second chances and prioritizing what’s truly important in life."

In true movie fashion, Janie wakes up 6 years later out of the blue, and tries to readjust to life which didn't stop while she was in a coma.  Her daughter, Samantha, is now 6 years old, and they are now living in Southport with Janie's dad.  There is pretty neighbor who is divorced and with a child close in age with Samantha (they are best friends), and this causes Janie to become extremely jealous and wondering if her marriage can be saved.

So much unfolds over the course of the movie. You can't help but feel for Janie and all that she has been through, and all that she has missed out on. I found myself hoping her marriage works out one minute, and then halfway through the movie, when she tries to pursue her old rigorous career in NYC, I find myself wondering why her husband doesn't leave her, as she is only looking out for herself and not her family. But, that all changed at the end, and there were happy tears.  You really have to see how this movie ends, as it will warm your heart and have you happy you watched this movie.

Like I mentioned previously, I found myself thinking about my life and how I need to always make a point to live for today.  As a 14 year cancer survivor, I am finally able to see that I was given a second chance at life, and am using each day as a reminder that God is good and that our life and time with family should be treasured. I liked what Janie said in the movie, "Sometimes you have to go back to move forward." Hearing this, I found myself taking a moment to see how far I have some in my life, and how I chose to retire from the health field so that I could raise and see my girls grow. And, now I get to spend every day with them and teach and watch them learn and grow.  Yes, I have found myself doubting my choices, but with movies like this and seeing so many people lose loved ones with Covid these past few years, it only solidifies my choice and shows me that this is the path that God has set forth for me, and I am loving every moment of it.  Life is a gift and second chances don't often come -- but, if they do, you want to take full advantage of it and life life to its fullest, living in the moment, and not worrying about to-do lists, and working crazy hours just to stay relevant.  Life is too short and precious to stress or overwork yourself.

If you are finding yourself struggling to juggle work and family life, check out this great article which provides some great tips to help simplify your life -


And, with the holidays fast approaching, now is a good time to slow down and live in the moment and enjoy quality time with family and friends.  Try having more sit down dinners together with your family catching on the daily happenings with everyone. And, make sure you are really present when visiting with friends and family.  Put down your devices and electronic gadgets, and enjoy this special time together. After COVID and being away from each other for a few years, now is the best time to reconnect and make some lasting memories with those you love.  One way to do this is to enjoy a good movie together. And, that is where Pure Flix comes they are gearing for a wonderful holiday season of streaming movies the whole family will enjoy. 

Join Pure Flix now and celebrate Christmas with Pure Flix!

I, for one, can't wait to watch "An Angelic Christmas" with my family.  I was sent an advance screener and will be watching this week, once my youngest starts feeling better from the cold she picked up.  Here is the trailer for this holiday movie:

"Miracles come in small packages. The angel Celest enlists two sisters in her quest to earn her angel wings. In a race to Christmas eve, can they bring faith and forgiveness to their town this year?"

If you don't already subscribe to Pure Flix, now is the perfect time to sign up, so you can watch these two movies streaming exclusively on Pure Flix, as well as catch all the other amazing content available and releasing soon to this faith-based platform.  With new quality faith and family entertainment every week, including new originals and exclusives, celebrate Christmas with Pure Flix and be inspired and encouraged all season long.

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Disclosure: Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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