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Dog Lovers Young and Old Will Be Inspired to Chase Their Dreams and Treat Each Day as an Adventure When They Read "Life is Golden" by Andrew Muse with Kicker Dog

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

We are a big dog loving family, with my oldest daughter being the biggest fan of all.  If you walk into her room, you will see dog posters and pictures all over her walls, along with countless dog plushies, bedding, rugs, etc. And, if you stop to look at her bookcase, you will see that she has one whole 3-shelf bookcase devoted to all her dog books. Whenever we go to a book store, thrift store or shop that books, she is quick to zero on animal books, especially dog ones and has to pick them up.  Even if a book is a duplicate, she will pick it up, and then send it up to my parents house so that they can put up in her room there to have when she visits and needs a book to read.  So, when I saw "Life is Golden" by Andrew Muse with Kicker Dog recently on the Gibbs Smith website, I knew the perfect person to help me review this book.  

When my daughter saw this book arrive in the mail, her eyes lit up, and she had a big smile on her face. She had never heard of this book, but was eager to flip through the pages and read the back cover to see what it was about, before grabbing it and retreating to her room to get lost in the pages, reading it cover to cover.  I knew she wouldn't be able to put this book down when I first glanced through the pages.  Andrew Muse is an amazing photographer and captured some amazing photos of his golden retriever, Kicker, and all the adventures they have been on. 

Before handing the book off to my daughter to read, I told her as soon as she was done with it, that I wanted to read it, as it sounded and looked like a great book.  In record time she breezed through this book, flagging a handful of pages that she wanted to copy and hang in her room. She fell in love with Kicker, and said this was one of her favorite books.  Not only was it about dogs, but the way in which Andrew shares his special bond with Kicker and captures their amazing adventures, it made it feel like she was being brought along for the ride.  She was quick to pick up the positive themes of chasing your own adventure and dreaming big, and how animals like dogs can truly change a person and make them a better, more compassionate and sometimes braver person.  

Seeing how excited my daughter got talking about this book, I couldn't wait to read it.  That evening when she was done with the book, I sat down to read it.  I found myself lingering on each page taking in the stunning pictures Andrew captures and shares about his special bond with Kicker.  I have always been a dog person, and this book was just a reminder why I love dogs so much and am always quick to open my heart to a rescue and give them a forever home. Not only do they get a forever home, but they leave a lasting mark on my heart. Dogs really are the best companions and shower us with love, without asking for anything in return.  My heart melted as I read this book, and I found myself looking over at our rescue dog and thinking of all the adventures we have been on, and all the adventures to come.

If you are a dog lover or have a dog lover in your life, who loves books, I highly recommend you check out "Life is Golden" by Andrew Muse with Kicker Dog.  This is one of those books that would also make for a great coffee table read!  My daughter and I have read this book a couple of times since receiving, and we love to pick it up and flip through the pages to admire the breathtaking photos Andrew was able to capture and share with him and Kicker. 

In total there are 150 full color photographs in this 144 page hardcover book. It is a must read for dog lovers, young and old.

About this book:

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it captures thrilling adventures between man and best friend. Meet Kicker, and his human, Andrew, in this photography book for dog lovers, showing just how special adventures can be with your furry friend.

"You’ve seen adventure –– but never like this. In this heartwarming book, readers are taken on a journey with author Andrew Muse, and Kicker, his beloved adventure dog, as they travel the world and bring an exciting perspective to the idea of “man and best friend.” Experience their incredible bond through breathtaking images of their journey. Whether they’re paragliding down snow-covered mountains, exploring vast ice caves, kite surfing some big ocean waves, rafting down the Colorado River, or rappelling off high mountain cliffs, their bond is unbreakable and their story is one of a kind. 

Life is Golden is the perfect book for dog lovers of all ages and shows the intelligence, bravery, and loyalty that dogs are praised for encompassing. Kicker the golden retriever and his human, Andrew, inspire readers of this book to chase their dreams, fall in love with life, and treat every day as an adventure!"


About Andrew Muse:

Andrew Muse is a photographer, explorer, multi-sport athlete, and adventurer who consistently generates compelling and high production value content with his adventure dog, Kicker, by his side. After spending more than ten years in the action sports and travel industry, has had the opportunity to partner with top clients including Travel Channel, GoPro, People Magazine, Google, and Land Rover. Kicker – aptly named the Ultimate Mountain Dog by Outside TV - and Andrew starred in a 2019 Super Bowl commercial for Mountain America Credit Union. Andrew’s self-produced series, Tiny Home Adventure, is gearing up for Season Three after Season Two received over 1 million views. Andrew lives in Park City, Utah.

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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