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'Glo All Out' This Holiday Season with Far Out Toys' Glo-Up Girls Season 2 Dolls (Review) #gloupgirls @GLOAllOut

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Get ready to GLO ALL OUT!

The Glo-Up Girls are back with new looks, new fashions, new accessories and new ways to change up their styles (and yours!).

Last month my girls got some "happy" mail, when they received a box with one of the new Glo-Up Girls dolls from Far Out Toys, along with some fun stickers and a shiny tote my oldest was quick to claim for herself to hold her drawing pencils for on the go sketching. 

Both of my girls were all smiles as they checked out the Tiffany Glo-Up Girls doll sent for them to help me review.  

They really loved her floral dress and jacket. And, the boots were so chic my youngest said. She wished she had shoes like that to wear with her dresses.

Even though this is one of the season 2 Glo-Up Girls dolls, it was the first in the collection for my girls.  They have been fans of the YouTube music videos, live action content, behind the scenes videos featuring the Glo-Up Girls, and were so excited to finally have a doll to play with and display.  And, since receiving the sample in the mail, I surprised them both with three more of the dolls, so that they wouldn't have share They are hoping now to get all the dolls in the season 1 release, as well as all the the dolls from the recent season 2 release, which hit Walmart store shelves and became available through Amazon for purchase. 

With the holidays fast approaching, I know these dolls will be on their holiday wish lists, especially my youngest daughter, who is a huge doll fanatic and collector, and has really taken a liking to the Glo-Up Girls doll line, thanks to the Tiffany doll sample sent to us recently.

If you are unfamiliar with the Glo-Up Girls doll line from Far Out Toys, here is more about them...

Meet the fab and fierce friends that make up the #GLO squad! Just like you, each GLO-UP GIRLS doll has her own unique personality and style – plus lots of surprises so you can switch up her look and yours!

My youngest daughter has been a fan of dolls since she was little. And, as she has gotten older, she continues to collect and play with them.  She really likes the Glo-Up dolls over other poseable as they are "more like her" and not dressed all provocative or silly like other dolls on the market.  The positive message for young girls and tweens to Glo-Up and be YOU really resonates with her, and she really loves how she can style her Glo-Up dolls with the fashions and accessories that come with each doll.

What drew my daughter to the Glo-Up Girls from Far Out Toys is how these dolls have colored stripes in their hair, and how you can switch up their outfits and customize them with fun sticker, hair gems, and color changing nails and lips (using cold water).  And, if you take a look at the dolls, you will also find that they have their toe nails painted. My girls really liked this feature, as not many dolls like these come with painted finger and toe nails.

"Each Glo-Up Girls Season 2 doll comes glammed-up in trendy fashions and jewelry alongside an assortment of surprise accessories that kids can use to customize the look. This season’s accessories include shoes, socks, earrings, face stickers, color-changing lipstick, manicures, and pedicures. The dolls also come with hair gems that kids can use to bedazzle their own hair alongside their dolls’."

Glo-Up Girls dolls are currently available at Walmart and Target stores in the U.S, as well as online at Amazon. They are geared towards children ages 6+ and up, but like I mentioned my two girls have enjoyed playing with them and they are 11 and 12.  They really like the hair gems for them and their dolls to wear, as well as changing out the outfits to create a fun and stylish new look for their dolls.  

If you have young child who loves playing with dolls, but aren't fans of the sexy dressed ones you see most often in stores, I highly recommend you check out the Glo-Up Girls line. They have a great message for young girls to enjoy being unique and rocking their own unique style sense.  And, with the holidays fast approaching I know the Glo-Up Girls doll line from Far Out Toys will be a hot toy of the season and be on many young girls' wish lists. I know two girls in my house who will be asking for more Glo-Up Girls dolls. :-)  

And, be sure to check out Glo-Up Girls TV on YouTube...

"Over the past year, Glo-Up girls has made waves beyond the doll aisle through live-action contentmusic, and more.  Explore the world of GLO-UP GIRLS with TV shows, music and behind-the-scenes specials featuring some of your favorite social media stars! Sing along with girl group sensation GLOTIVATION, and follow the adventures of The GLO Show – featuring six real girls living in the GLO-UP mansion!"


Subscribe to GLO-UP Girls TV on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/c/GLOUPGirlsTV

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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