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Your Kids Will Go Crazy for the New #Boneless Super-Charged Motorized Skateboards with Poseable Skaters + Trick Play Sets Available from NSI (Review) #toys #games #StickTheTrick

 Disclosure: I was provided with samples for review from the vendor in exchange for an honest and thorough review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Introducing #Boneless – mini, electric-powered skateboards with hyper-poseable skaters and crazy stunt playsets.  

Who said skateboarding is just a boy's thing?  My two girls wanted to try skateboarding out during COVID when they had nothing else to do, after watching some old videos of Tony Hawk compete on the X-Games.  I picked them up their own boards and safety gear, and within minutes of stepping foot on the skateboards, they were both hooked, and have been practicing and getting better since. 

When I saw the commercial for #Boneless super-charged skateboards with figures, and the add on trick sets from NSI, I knew my girls would love to them -- and, that they did.  


More about these #Boneless toys:

"#Boneless is a line of electric-powered, mini skateboards with poseable skaters and stunt playsets. Kids can use the figures and the skateboards to do stunts. The skateboards come with a power charger that quick-charges the board in seconds. Kids can twist and bend the #Boneless skaters and pose them in different positions until they find the optimal position for each trick they attempt.

Skaters twist and bend, like they’re boneless! – 6 skaters each sold separately.

Each figure set includes a skater, skateboard, charging base and collectible deck (3 AA batteries not included). With four play sets to choose from, kids can simulate skateboard tricks and stunts. For more information, see the video below or visit their website:"

Cool Features:

  • Each #Boneless skater comes with a removable, collectible deck and power charger. (Takes 3 “AA” batteries). 
  • You control skateboard direction. On the back of the board is a switch. Slide the deck forward to flip the switch.
    • Switch UP to lock it in forward direction 
    • Switch DOWN and when board bumps into walls or obstacles, it reverses direction 
  • Quick-charge board in just 15 seconds


With three #Boneless skaters with boards and two trick sets, they have been trying out rad skate moves they would only dream about landing on their skateboards, which the worry of hurting themselves.  They have been acting out skate jumps they have seen some of their favorite skateboarding icons attempt in videos they have watched, as well as make up new moves which they give their own unique names for.  I love seeing my girls really get into the sport of skateboarding, and love how there are toys out there that resonate with both boys and girls, and that they can enjoy together.  

*Charge them and they stay powered for 15 seconds -- enough time for attempting a sick trick*

My girls love playing together, but, can also grab their #Boneless skateboarding figures with boards and trick sets and play on their own.

My oldest daughter's birthday is fast approaching, and see is asking for the additional trick sets from NSI to complete her ultimate #Boneless skate park, as well as a few more of the skaters from Series 1 to complete their set.  So, I am heading to after this post to buy up the other #Boneless toys to surprise her with for her birthday. :-)

If you have a young skateboarding fan in your life, I highly recommend you check out the new line of #Boneless Super-Charged Shrunken Skateboarding skaters and trick sets (sold separately) from NSI.  They require 3 AA batteries as the boards are motorized, and also come with a fun sticker sheet that your kids can use to customize their skateboards and trick sets with.  My girls really liked the addition of the stickers and making their skaters and boards their own with the super cool stickers.  

*Skaters are hyper-poseable and each comes with their own collectible deck*

And, while they are becoming more daring and wanting to try jumps and moves at the nearby skate park, I like how they have these toys from NSI to act out the more tricky and dangerous one, without worrying about a trip to the ER.

You can learn more about the #Boneless skaters and trick sets from NSI by visiting  These are definitely one line of toys your kids will not grow bored of, and worse collecting all the skaters and trick sets in the series, for even more fun and imaginative play.  This is one of the few toys that my girls will play with together and spend hours together without fighting.  

 BONELESS SKATERS Are Available at Target and 

They really get into the imaginative play and acting like commentators as the skaters take to their boards and take on the skate park with their insane tricks all thanks to the motorized boards and poseable skaters.

 Disclosure: I was provided with samples for review from the vendor in exchange for an honest and thorough review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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