Thursday, July 14, 2022

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Disclosure:  Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

What do you think happens behind the scenes at an early morning radio show?

Find out with the new sitcom “Live+Local.”

Last week I was introduced to a new show streaming on Pure Flix that stars Dave Coulier --- AKA Uncle Joey from Full(er) House stardom.  I was sent a screener of the second episode of LIVE+LOCAL, and had to check out the first episode, so I was caught up and had an understanding of the show.  The show is a "mockumentary about a morning radio show team at the inspirational yet rapidly declining radio station KHUGG-FM. Featuring hilarious behind the scenes drama with real-life celebrity guests."


"Starring executive producer Dave Coulier and Emily Pendergast, get an inside look at the Christian local radio station K-HUGG. The staff is experiencing some strange transitions and power shifts at work, but the way they handle it with grace and comedy will be sure to leave you laughing and inspired."

**With guest stars: Danny Ray, Leanne Morgan, John Cooper, Colton Dixon, Anna Lind Thomas, Anthem Lights, Whitney Miller, Dustin Nickerson, Jeff Allen, Dallas Jenkins, and more!


"Encouraged by new Program Director Jerry, Tina debuts a new advice segment that proves to be very successful."


In the second episode, Tina is excited to launch a new bit on the morning show, giving advice.  Tommy is not a fan of change or adding new things, unless he is doing it, as can be seen throughout the episode with his reaction to Tina's excitement about introducing the “Judge Not” bit, and then seeing and hearing the success of it from listeners and staff at the radio station, KHUGG.

Even though I am used to seeing Dave Coulier in a comedic role and trying to make everyone laugh, I really liked seeing him in this new role.  Yes, he is making jokes and doing his silly voices, but you can his character and his struggles as he tries to live as a Christian, while struggling with change.  We can all relate to internal and external conflicts and it is good to see how others try to walk along with God, while also doing inner work of acceptance and being open to change, to better themselves and be a part of their community and church. The theme of this episode is about Christians treating other Christians with the love of Jesus and living out the 10 Commandments.

I was rooting for Tina from the start of the episode, as I could tell how excited she was for her new bit to run.  Yes, there were intrepidations, but not as many as wanting to grow and advance in her role at the radio station.  she really wants Tommy to see her as a partner and not a sidekick or in his shadows. So, this bit is giving her an opportunity to take the reins and prove to herself, Tommy, Jerry, and the listeners that she has a lot to offer.  I can't wait to continue watching more of the episodes in this series available through Pure Flix.  Right now there are three episodes to watch. Each one building off the you will want to make sure you watch them in order so you know what is happening.  The third episode will be more about Tommy resisting change, while Tina is flourishing and bringing much needed new energy to the station and staff. I like how she is rooting on the old intern, Lucy, who was promoted to director. She told her to stand up for herself and not do intern type things like running for coffee for Tommy, and to dress the part with a blazer type jacket, so she would be taken more seriously.  It is always nice to see women rooting for each other, and not trying to belittle them or put them down in order to advance or get ahead of each other.

If you are looking for a breath of fresh air series, and one that gives you a behind the scenes look at a morning radio station show, I highly recommend you check out Live+Local on Pure Flix, a new AFFIRM Originals sitcom streaming exclusively on Pure Flix. Now for more episodes to drop so I can get my fix. :-)  Don't have Pure Flix?  Sign up for a FREE TRIAL now and check out this and other great faith-based shows and movies available on this streaming platform, for the whole family to enjoy! Start your free 7-day trial on Pure Flix and watch LIVE+LOCAL now by clicking here.


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Disclosure:  Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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