Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Fun Ideas And Games To Do & Play At Girl Scouts

 If you have a group of girl scouts that need to be kept on track and earning those pins then here is a list of fun activities to get them all involved and thinking outside the box. 

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Lego Community 

What better way to get crafty than to build a community for your lego figures. This is not only perfect for improving fine motor skills but also thinking and planning which bricks to use. Your troop can do this individually or work together to create the ultimate Lego community. Encouraging your troop to work together is an essential part of being a girl scout. 

Trivia Quizzes

There are many subjects that you and your scouts can create quizzes on. It is important that your girl scouts are intelligent individuals who know about a vast array of subjects. One such example for a trivia quiz could be about presidents. Research online and discover popular questions to ask. Make sure you find questions on varying levels of difficulty. After the quiz you could have a group discussion about what your girls found interesting, and what they discovered that they didn’t already know. 

Sell Cookies

Selling cookies is an important part of being in the girl scouts. Sit down as a group and discuss what the cookie money will go towards. Create a list of goals that your troop can tick off as they go along. One of the most exciting things about this activity is that your scouts can earn their cookie entrepreneur pin. This can then be added to the other pins they have earned. 


Something else that is a vital skill to learn in life is orienteering. This involves reading a map and compass to find your way from A to B. If you can read a map then you will never be lost. Teaching your girl scouts orienteering is a fantastic way to spend some quality time outdoors, it can also be part of something else. A camping trip for example is the perfect place to practice this useful skill.

Learn A Language

Occasionally, you will have a girl scout who speaks another language alongside English. In order to make them feel welcome it may help if you and some of your troops also speak their language. You could arrange a language session to learn another language, French for example. French classes can be fun and something your troops can take with them into the big wide world. 


Baking is something that everyone should learn to do, including your girl scouts. If you can bake then you can make people feel amazing and uplifted with your cakes and biscuits. You can hold cake sales as well for the families of your scouts. Everything earned can go back into your scouting meetings and towards the things you need for your scouts. 

Encourage your troops to invent new recipes and try them out. Experimenting is after all how many of the recipes you enjoy today came about. Start off with something easy such as a plain sponge or flan and then build up from there. You never know, there could  be some budding bakers amongst your troop. 

Plan A Camping Trip

If you and your girl scout troop sit together and plan a camping trip then execute it, it will be amazing. Watching something go from a plan on paper to a reality can be really something for a young scout group. They will feel proud as punch when they see their plans go to plan. Make sure they have thought of everything, from where you will camp, to getting there, and what you will do. 

For some of your troops it may be their first experience with camping in the big wide world. This can be daunting so a bit of extra reassurance may be needed. You can plan all sorts of activities including taking a dip in the nearby lake, or building a campfire and toasting marshmallows. 

Collect Nature Data

Finally, something fun and engaging to get you and your troop into the great outdoors is collecting data on nature that you can find. You could create tables and charts for them or involve them and get them to do them instead. Make sure the chart contains space for the type of nature you spot, how many you see, and the total tally. One such example of things to spot could be birds. 

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We hope you found these ideas useful and you try some out at your local meetings. We’re sure the kids will have a fantastic time and so will you! 

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