Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Best Pets for Luxury Apartment Living

If you are an animal lover looking for a pet friendly apartment complex, you might find some challenges along the way. Modern apartments for rent have specific guidelines regarding what types of pets are allowed, and many may charge additional fees for your furry friends.

You might wonder if luxury apartment rentals have more stringent guidelines or more exorbitant costs for living with pets. With some smart planning, you will discover that even luxury apartments will accept many breeds and varieties of pets.

So what can you expect when looking for a pet-friendly luxury apartment? Read on to discover what types of pets are best for luxury apartment living, and what to expect when your furry friend accompanies you in your new home.

What types of pets are best for luxury apartment living?

Animal lovers may wish to bring a variety of pets into their homes. It is important to know that most modern apartment complexes that are pet-friendly still have rules as to what types of pets are allowed.

According to a FirePaw study, in the United States, 53% of apartment complexes accept cats, while 37% accept dogs. Acceptance of other pets, such as rabbits, birds, lizards, and snakes, varies widely.

Most pet-friendly apartment complexes allow up to two animals, with a typical size guideline stating that they must be under a certain weight, often 50 pounds each. Cats typically do fit into this category, while dogs vary more in size. Most other pets, often kept in tanks or cages, fall within the size restrictions as well.

If you are a dog lover, you might wonder what breeds are appropriate for luxury apartment living. Small to medium dogs who are easy to housebreak, do not bark too frequently, have low to moderate energy levels, and can be left alone for longer periods of time are typically best for apartment living. Some suggested breeds might include:

     Bichon Frise

     Border Terrier

     Cavalier King Charles

     French Bulldog



     Miniature Pinscher


     Shih Tzu


Considerations for owners of cats and other small pets will be similar to those for dog owners, though size and weight restrictions are less of a consideration. If you plan on keeping a pet in your apartment, keep in mind:

     How much space the pet requires

     Housebreaking/training needs

     Exercise/play space necessary

     How long your pet can be left alone

     Potential impact on neighbors

     Most importantly - types of pets allowed by your apartment complex!

What special rules exist for pet owners in apartments?

Once you have decided upon a pet to integrate into your luxury apartment home, you should speak with your management company to see what types of special rules or fees might apply.

Many luxury apartment complexes place limits on how many pets you might have, and they frequently charge fees and/or pet rent to animal owners.

Often, pet owners in apartments are limited to as to how many pets may live in the home. Generally, there is a maximum of two cats or small dogs allowed. However, this guideline may not apply to small aquarium or cage-dwelling animals.

Additionally, many apartment complexes charge pet owners an up-front fee and/or pet rent. Pet deposits are often $200-300 dollars, and pet rent can range from $25-$75/month per pet. This may be an important consideration when you are adding pet rent on top of luxury apartment rental prices.

While breed and size restrictions and special rules might be a challenge when you are seeking a pet-friendly apartment, if you are aware of what types of pets are allowed and what special rules might apply, you can successfully integrate your pets into luxury apartment living!

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