Wednesday, January 26, 2022

How to Combat Dry Skin On Your Hands This Winter


Have you ever noticed how your skin reacts to the change in seasons? Sometimes it can sneak up on you or it can be sudden overnight changes that occur. During the winter months, your hands are usually the first to react and dry cracked skin is unfortunately all too common. Without proper attention, it won’t take long for them to dry out even more, leaving you with a painful situation. When the skin gets dry enough, bleeding can occur. So, what’s the solution? Here are some great ways you can combat dry skin on your hands this winter and keep them looking and feeling great.

Upgrade to a Thick Moisturizer for the Winter Months

Perhaps you have a favorite hand cream that you use in the summer that does a great job at keeping your skin soft and well-hydrated. While it may be just fine for the warmer months, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for the winter months. Experts tend to suggest you upgrade to a thick moisturizer once the cold arrives.

One option is a balm which is a much thicker type of lotion or cream. You can check out options like the AESOP hand balm, which is available in a couple of different formulations. AESOP has built a very strong reputation for itself by offering products that use high quality organic plant-based materials as well as ingredients made in the lab. These are luxury products meant to provide a luxury experience.

Because a balm is a thick moisturizer, it’s best to use it before bed as it tends to take longer to sink into the skin. This also ensures that your hands are well-protected while you sleep.

Don’t Use Hot Water to Wash Your Hands

If you’re in the habit of using hot water each time you wash your hands, it’s time to stop. Using warm water will be less harsh on your skin, and won’t strip it of all its moisture. You can also switch to a moisturizing soap that is gentle and free of dyes and artificial fragrance.  

To dry your hands, just lightly pat them dry, or air-dry them. Rubbing them with a towel will cause skin irritation. Once your hands are completely dry, you can apply a fast-absorbing moisturizer.

Start Using a Humidifier in Your Home

Part of the reason why your skin is so dry is due to the dry air, which is common in the winter. You probably spend a lot of time indoors with the furnace running, which further dries out the air. A good way to combat this problem is by using a humidifier in your house. At the very least, you can put one in your bedroom and just have it running while you sleep.

Boost Your Water Intake

The final tip is to ensure you're hydrating from the inside as well. Drinking enough water is essential for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

By using all of these tips, you’ll be able to combat the typical dry winter skin that your hands suffer from.

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