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Give the Gift of an Experience This Holiday Season with Live Virtual Travel from Discover Live (Review)

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary tour in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone. 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a Discover Live tour for the firs time.  I was able to experience the holidays in Ljubljana, Slovenia without leaving my couch.  

The virtual tour, which took place over Webex by Cisco (similar to Zoom), and lasted about an hour.  During this time our sweat and very knowledgeable tour guide Mateja, walked us through the streets of Slovenia. Even though I was thousands of miles away on another continent, this tour made it feel like I was walking the streets with Mateja.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, and with the hustle and bustle of shopping, getting the tree and decorations up, etc., you forget that all around the world people are celebrating the season in their own unique ways.  And, yesterday, with the help of Mateja and Discover Live, I was able to experience the holidays in Ljubljana, Slovenia...and, boy was it a magical time.  I was able to visit the city hall and see inside. There was a huge floor to ceiling tree inside that was decorated with handmade painted ornaments made by local school children.

If you look closely, you will see the children took drinkable yogurt bottles and painted them...such a novel idea and great way to re-use and re-purpose them -- makes me want to make similar ornaments with my girls for our tree, and to gift to family and friends.  The personalized tour had our tour guide sharing the history of Slovenia, pointing out its geographic location, talking and pointing out the architecture and art that is unique to the region, all while highlighting the holidays and decorations that filled the streets and buildings we were shown.  

I gained a wealth of knowledge about Slovenia thanks to Mateja -- most of which I know I wouldn't have known about or learned if I had hopped on a plane and visited Ljubljana on my own.  The tour guide stopped frequently during her virtual walking tour to field questions from attendees on the call with me, and really made you feel a part of the holidays in Slovenia.

This was such a wonderful experience and one I couldn't wait to share with my readers, family and friends.  After the tour, I had the opportunity to ask additional questions to the folks at Discover Live.  While they couldn't say which tour of theirs was the most popular, they did share how each and every tour they host is customizable and personal to the person/group booking the tour.  They spoke about Valentine's Day and how you can book a Discover Live tour of the Love Lock Bridge in Paris, where people go and leave a padlock with their name and special message of love, and then throw away the key in the water over the bridge.  You can book a tour of this bridge and the tour guide can purchase a padlock for you, write your name and special inscription and add to the countless locks that cover this famous bridge of love. Then, you can watch as they throw the key in the water, before stopping to take a snapshot of your lock on the bridge, so they can send you after the call as a keepsake/momento. How could would it be to travel to the Love Lock Bridge years from now and found your padlock that was placed for you during your Discover Live tour?  I plan to do this tour with my husband for either our anniversary or Valentine's Day next year.  We both have this on our bucket list to go to the Love Lock Bridge and leave a padlock with our names.  And, thanks to Discover Live tours a trip to the Love Lock Bridge can be possible, without having to leave home, as it is hard to travel with Covid and with kids and pets at home.

I love how Discover Live tours can be gifted for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, etc., as I for one love gifting family and friends with experiences over materialistic gifts.  And, being a homeschooling family, I can see the different Discover Live tours being a great addition to our studies.  Now we can do armchair/couch travels to far off places without having to step foot on a plane, or break the bank on travel and lodging expenses.  I know it is nice to travel in person and see places up close, but with the current times with Covid and places still be closed to outside travel, Discover Live is making it possible to still experience travel, in a fun and unique way. Discover Live tours are also great for seniors/elderly who can no longer travel, but may wish to check off places on their bucket list or visit their hometown or country of birth and see landmarks and sights that hold special meaning to them.  Thanks to Discover Live, they can find a tour guide to visit these meaningful places and bring you on a tour of a lifetime.  This would be a great family gift to give, so that parents and grandparents can join the virtual tour and share all about their home country and special places halfway around the world with their children and grandchildren.  Families can see where a couple met and fell in love, a honeymoon spot, etc., and share these wonderful and heartfelt stories, as the guide brings them up close and personal to these special places they may otherwise have never been able to see in their lifetime.

It really was an amazing experience yesterday being apart of the Slovenia holiday tour from Discover Live, and one I will not forget.  And, as I wrap up my holiday shopping, I now know what I will be gifting those hard to shop for people on my shopping list -- a tour of their choice from Discover Live.  I plan to also book a few tours in the new year to share with my girls as we cover different regions and places of interest in our homeschooling.  This will really add a new layer of learning, and be a fun experience for them, as we trot across the country, without having to leave home. 

You can learn more about Discover Live, and browse their current tour offerings by visiting  They have a bunch of holiday-themed tours in places like Italy, Scotland, Germany, Budapest, Mexico, and Paris, just to name a few, that would be fun to book and experience with your entire family this holiday season. 

I can't wait to hear all about the wonderful places you travel to with the virtual tours you set up with Discover Live, as well as all the fascinating information you learn along the way. So, be sure to share all about your Discover Live experiences in the comments section below.

Happy Travels!!!

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"Today many people value experiences over materialistic gifts. The perfect holiday gift, especially for those who have everything or who are just plain hard to shop for, is live, virtual world travel. Discover Live offers a private travel experience that the recipient will cherish this holiday season. The tours are engaging and interactive and cover some of the most spectacular places on the planet, with certified tour guides from Florence to Egypt to Machu Picchu and many, many more. Discover Live also has gift certificates so friends, employees and loved ones can choose the destination they most want to visit. This is not only a sustainable gift, but great for those wanting to stay safe during COVID. Discover Live is offering holiday promotions as well.

“This is truly the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Not only will it be an experience to remember but the tour can be shared and viewed with loved ones to create connection“ said Tricia Norton, CMO, Discover Live. “The Discover Live difference is that we are truly live, not pre-recorded and 100% private, offering personal and unique experiences to our customers.”


The sign-up process is simple, yet thoughtful. Customers select a tour location, date, and provide any specific details about their travel interests. At the time of the tour, they login via Webex or ZOOM through any device. Then they simply sit back, relax, and Discover Live does the rest, offering a personalized travel experience where certified tour guides engage with you throughout the tour. Customers interact and ask questions just as they would in-person. This memorable experience reunites generations of families, geographically distant friends, co-workers, students, and seniors with real-time virtual travel. The customer stories and reviews more than speak for themselves.


We couldn’t be more pleased about the feedback and reviews we are receiving,” said Jason Wei, CEO, Discover Live"We're the pioneers of live, virtual travel. We started Discover Live in 2018 as a way for seniors and people with disabilities to experience the joy of travel without the challenges of in-person travel. Now everyone on the planet understands the benefits of virtual experiences and we’re thrilled to see virtual travel adopted as a new form of widely accessible, leisure travel”.

Each tour is personalized. Our customers walk the streets of Paris, Florence, or Rome, explore the temples of Egypt, the waterways of Venice or learn about street art in Buenos Aires. Our tour guides call participants by name, know their interests, and share their local expertise in culture, cuisine, art, history, and architecture. Our customers revisit their favorite destinations or explore new ones under the care of our handpicked, certified guides, who are specially trained in virtual travel. Our customers create lasting memories, as if they are there in person. For more information or to purchase a gift certificate/tour, please visit:"


Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary tour in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone. 

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