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Get Ready for Fun Family Adventures in the Backyard and Beyond, with the Help of My Gnome on the Roam Adventure Kit - Perfect Family Gift this Holiday Season (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I first learned about My Gnome on the Roam when I was saw another homeschool mom pulling up the app on her phone one day.  After seeing how excited her son got when she read their 15-minute challenge for the day, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more.  

She told me not only able to the app, which is designed to help create stronger, happier kids, and more present and connected adults by offering up daily 15 minute adventures for busy family, but how they have turned backyard and beyond adventures into fun and memorable ones they document in their journal (included with the family adventure kit).  But, what really caught my attention was when her son showed me their very own gnome, which they carry around and bring on homeschool field trips and adventures with them. Their gnome they named Sunny, loves exploring and visiting new places, and is always ready to snap a selfie to document each and every adventure. I thought this was the cutest thing, and could see not only the son got into the whole My Gnome on the Roam, but his mom and even the dad, too.  After we parted way, I made a note to check out the My Gnome on the Roam family adventure kit, and surprise my family with it.  

After visiting the website, I found myself really liking the whole Gnome on the Roam idea and product offering, all of which was thought up and brought to fruition by a fellow mom and middle-school teacher.  I love when moms/teachers come up with fun things like that get kids outside moving and exploring. And, what better way to get them excited about documenting their fun-filled adventures than with this adventure kit, which comes complete with a gnome for you decorate/customize with your family, a journal ready to be filled in with your adventures and photos, along with a super cool wooden pen and a heavy duty suitcase to store your My Gnome on the Roam goodies/supplies.  

Before I could order a family adventure kit for my family, I found an email in my inbox asking me if I wanted to review one. I jumped at the opportunity as I knew it would be the perfect surprise for my family, but also make for a great gift idea for my holiday gift guide. 

More about the Gnome on the Roam Adventure Kit:

Buy now from Amazon for only $29.97

"An interesting story comes to life! Gnome on the Roam is an interactive story that encourages children’s creativity. Their very own customizable DIY gnome comes in an adorable suitcase along with his favorite things: a copy of My Gnome on the Roam award-winning book, a journal filled with blank pages waiting to be filled, and a magical wooden pen. Designed for children to explore a lifetime of adventures with family and friends, offering countless hours of fun and connection. Life is more than just reading stories–it’s about living them. "

In addition the My Gnome on the Roam family adventure kit, there is also a super cute Gnome in His Home, DIY gnome you can customize and then get creative with his home which is the inside of the box this cute little gnome comes in.

Kids will have a blast playing with the gnome in his home, and can even carry it along and bring places, or leave on their dresser or end table and have a cozy little home for their gnome to return to every day after a long day of playing and exploring outside and all around. And, can you believe that this gnome in his home is only $9.99? That is a steal if you ask me...the cute box/home for the gnome is worth that alone.

But, then you get the blank canvas gnome for your family to work together and decorate. You can use markers to add a touch of color. Or, I have seen others online adding fabric for clothes and furry beards. It is up to your kids' imaginative and vision for how your own personal gnome will look. :-)


Like I mentioned above, I was sent the adventure kit, along with the gnome in his home box for review, and my girls have been loving everything about this whole My Gnome on the Roam adventure club.  

We have decorated our gnome, gave it a name, and have gone ahead and downloaded the free app for daily 15 minute adventures with our family and gnome.  And, if that wasn't enough, they even launched a fun ADVENTure Challenge which you can also sign up for free and get emails and have access to a members only Facebook group page to share your gnome fun and see what other My Gnome on the Roam families are up to, as you count down to Christmas and Santa's arrival.

At first I thought my two girls who are 10 and 11.5 years old, would be a little too old for the this, but the website says this is recommended for kids ages 3-12, and my girls are truly loving the experience.  Before they used to just want to hang out in the house as there was nothing to do outside in the backyard. But, now that they have a gnome to bring exploring, they love to go out and snap photos of their gnome on adventures with them, exploring new things, and even making videos of their fun together to share with family and friends.  My youngest especially is getting into the My Gnome on the Roam fun, as she continues to ask to go on day trips or field trips so she can bring along own gnome. Exploring is more fun with a gnome, don't you know?! :-)

I really like the whole suitcase kit that you get for under $30.  It is a great way to store all your supplies -- journal, pen, cute picture book to read on the go, as well as have a place to store momentos and treasures you find during your travels.  I am so happy to see my girls eager to grab the journal and wooden pen from the suitcase and start writing down their thoughts and sharing little stories of their adventures with their gnome. Prior to welcoming the gnome into our home, writing was the last thing either one of them wanted to do.  But, having a gnome makes writing more fun...or so they say.  Plus, they don't want to forget all the fun adventures they go on as a family and with their gnome in tow.

I could go on and on about why my family loves the My Gnome on the Roam family adventure kit and adopt a gnome in a home box, but, instead, why don't you pick up one or both of these items to share with your family this holiday season.  The adventure suitcase makes for a great family gift from Santa, and will have you family wanting to get out more to explore in your backyard and beyond, as you make memories as a family, and with your DIY customizable gnome.  Just get ready to have people stop you and ask you all about the gnome.  We continually get stopped, and I can't help but laugh, as I was just like that when I first saw the gnome and adventure suitcase kit, and wanted to learn more, so that I could get one for my family to enjoy.  

You can learn more about the My Gnome on the Roam product line by visiting And, be sure to download the app for 15 minute a day family adventure, as well as sign up for the ADVNETure Challenges (makes for a fun new way to count down to Christmas)...both of which are FREE. :-)

--Join Gustav and the Holiday ADVENTure Challenge --

"Our ADVENTure challenge is made up of 24 days of holiday and wintertime-inspiration to get the whole family out making memories.

Each day Gustav, the Gnome on the Roam, guides you through a creative 15-minute activity for your family. The daily challenges are delivered right to your inbox! 


When you signup, your family will receive:

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  • A big magical surprise
  • BONUS The Gratitude Games

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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