Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Give the Gift of Hidden Pictures Puzzle, Fun Almanac Facts and More with These New Releases from Highlights (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

It isn't Christmas without gifting my girls new Highlights Hidden Picture Puzzle books and renewing their Highlights magazine subscriptions.  And, this year, I am excited to share a few new titles released by Highlights that would make for great stocking stuffers for kids of all ages, or to pick up and have on hand for snow or sick days with the kids. I don't know about you, but when my girls are home bored and nothing to do, or are under the weather and laying around on the couch, giving them a Highlights Hidden Pictures Puzzle book and pen always puts a smile on their face and always keeps them busy for hours. :-)

Recently, the kind folks at Highlights and Penguin Random House sent along a few of their new releases for my girls and I to enjoy, and that we did!  From "Best Ever Hidden Picture Puzzles" to a jam packed "2022 Almanac of Fun" book and two "How To" books, Highlights didn't disappoint with fun new titles for this upcoming holiday season. 


Best Hidden Pictures Puzzles Ever – Here is the ultimate collection of America’s favorite puzzles! With more than 20 different types of Hidden Pictures puzzles, as well as fun and silly facts about them, there’s something for everyone in this “best of” collection. 

"Created for challenge-loving kids of all ages, this puzzle book is bursting with more than 1,500 objects to find in classic puzzles, photo puzzles, inverted white-on-black scenes, two-player puzzles and more."

My daughter had so much fun trying to find all the different objects in the hidden picture puzzles.  This truly is a wonderful collection of these favorite puzzles for kids and adults.  

Yeah, you know you love when you child sits down to do these puzzle books next to you, as you can't help but look and try and try and find some of the hidden objects.

I loved finding the bananas and cups as a kids, and now they make these puzzles even more challenging and with fun scenes to delight the eyes of puzzle seekers. :-)


My oldest daughter was so excited for the hidden picture puzzles book, while my youngest found the almanac book super interesting and fun. She ended up reading in one sitting, and couldn't wait to share all the fun facts, jokes craft ideas and more she learned with this book of fun.  

"The Almanac of Fun is back and updated for 2022! Get ready for another year with favorite Highlights puzzles and activities that celebrate traditional and wacky holidays, historical anniversaries, world events and everything in between. 

Kids can puzzle their way through each month while learning lots of interesting facts, documenting their own occasions and having fun. 

The Highlights 2021 Almanac of Fun was honored by Mom's Choice Awards and Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award."


After enjoying the "The 2022 Almanac of Fun" and the "Best Hidden Pictures Puzzle" book, my girls sat down and read through the "How to Write" and "How to Draw" books before grabbing paper to apply what they read and learned.  :-)  

I don't know about you, but my girls hate when I assign them writing for our homeschooling.  They love to come up with their own stories and usually make fun little comics or mini books to share.  But, just saying, "write something" is a turn off for them, as they both say they hate to write. So, I have to find fun ways to get them to write and practice their spelling, without making it feel like a chore or school assignment.  That is why I love the "The Highlights Book of Things to Write" as it offers fun writing prompts for kids that get them dreaming, imaging and coming up with interesting and fun things to write about. 

Buy now from Amazon for only $13.49

"This writing companion journal to The Highlights Book of Things to Do opens doors for kids to flex their creativity. 

The Highlights Book of Things to Write is the essential book that every young writer will love. Kids ages seven and up will find over 175 creative writing prompts, open-ended questions, games, activities, and more designed to get their imaginations flowing."


Some writing prompts include writing about an animal rescue you start with a friend, to communicating with dolphins, and being a sports superstar and putting together a list of things to pack in your sports bag.  My girls found these writing prompts fun and they didn't hesitate to put their thinking caps on and come up with fun things to write about.  And, once they were done, they were excited to share what they wrote, and elaborate further on the topic.  I loved hearing what they came up for the different writing prompts, and it even got them thinking of other fun writing prompts they could do or assign to each other. :-) 


In addition to the "Things to Write" book, my girls have also been enjoying the "Things to Draw" book by Highlights, which is set up in similar fashion as the writing book, prompting kids to create and draw amazing things. 

"This drawing companion journal to The Highlights Book of Things to Do opens doors for kids to flex their creativity.

 The Highlights Book of Things to Draw is the essential book that every young artist will love. Kids ages seven and up will find over 175 how-to-draw instructions, games, creative ways to practice drawing, and many more activities designed to get their imaginations flowing."


From drawing a self portrait using a mirror to coming up with your own optical illusions, this book all about drawing and being creative will keep kids entertained for hours this holiday season and beyond.  Both of my girls love to draw, and found this book a good way to get them thinking about art and drawing things in a fun and creative way.  They liked the drawing prompts and explanation of things, and they found it hard not to flip to the next page to see what the drawing challenge was.  They're both hoping for additional installments of this book with more fun drawing prompts and challenges. :-)


In addition to these two books from Highlights, there is also a "Book of Things to Do" book called "The Highlights Book of Things to Do: Discover, Explore, Create, and Do Great Things", which released last year, and also worth checking out.


I ended up picking up this book from Amazon after seeing just how much my girls enjoyed the "Things to Write" and "Things to Draw."

The girls really enjoyed this book, and now have a nice "Books of Things" collection thanks to Highlights that they can enjoy.  If you have older children ages 6-10 years old, who are curious about how things work or are made, how to write or draw, etc., then these "How to" books will be perfect for them.  
My girls can't get enough of them, and have been working their way through completing each and every activity that fills the pages of these three books from Highlights.


You can learn more about these and other fun Highlights puzzle and activity books available by visiting https://shop.highlights.com/ and https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/search/highlights?q=highlights.

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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