Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Fill Your Family's Stockings with Healthy Undercover Snacks -- In Tasty Holiday Flavors Including Peppermint and Pumpkin Spice (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Earlier this fall I was introduced to the Undercover Snacks product line and as soon as I took my first bite of their quinoa crisps, I was an instant fan.  While I try to eat healthy and seek out healthy snack options for my family, I am sucker when it comes to chocolate.  Chocolate is my weakness, and when I start snacking on anything that contains chocolate,  it is so hard to stop. So, when I tried Undercover's chocolate quinoa crisps, I knew it was a match made in heaven, as I would be able to get my chocolate fix to satisfy my sweet tooth day or night, and I would feel good that I was eating a healthy snack that is actually good for you and not made up of useless fillers or ingredients.

If you are not familiar with Undercover Snacks, here is more about this brand, which offers all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, simple ingredients quinoa crisps, in a variety of flavors including delicious holiday flavors sure to be a hit with family and friends visiting you this holiday season....

"Undercover Snacks offers deliciously healthy holiday flavors to reach for this season! For the holidays, pick up a couple bags of their Dark Chocolate + Pumpkin Spice, Milk Chocolate + Peppermint or Dark Chocolate + Peppermint to serve or just enjoy yourself! Developed by a mom whose two daughters were diagnosed with celiac disease, all Undercover Snacks are made with carefully sourced all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, simple ingredients and Rain Forest Alliance Certified chocolate. Undercover Snacks are made with crispy quinoa, which is naturally gluten-free, packed with protein, fiber and nutrients, and has an incredible crunchy texture. 

We have milk chocolate and process dairy.  Our products are allergen friendly, peanut tree-nut and gluten free.. Certified Nut-Free, Certified Gluten-Free and Kosher. Comes in 8 decadent varieties. "


The kind folks at Undercover Snacks sent over their holiday flavors for my family and I to enjoy, and we had a blast doing a taste test of each of the flavors, to find out which one was our personal favorite.  

At first I didn't tell my family that this was a healthy snack, as I didn't want them going into the taste test thinking the flavors would be bland. Instead, I said it was a new crispy snack that was covered in chocolate. When they heard chocolate, they were up for the sampling.  And, it wasn't until they tried all the holiday flavors sent that I told them that they were eating quinoa crisps.  Once they heard this, they had to see the packaging for themselves, as they couldn't believe that tasty snack was made up of nearly 50% quinoa and had all this flavor.  Each crisp had the right amount of decadent dark or milk chocolate (depending on flavor), and offered a nice crispy bite, that had you wanting to reach for another crisp.  

We ended up devouring all 8 bags of the samples that were sent before the night was done.  They were so good, we couldn't stop eating them. But, when the last crisp was eaten, we all agreed that I had to buy now and keep them on hand in our pantry for movie night snacking, as well as a healthy on the go snack.  I was happy to find Undercover's chocolate quinoa crisps available at my local supermarket, as well as for purchase through Amazon and the Undercover website -- so, I would never have to worry about not being able to find these tasty healthy quinoa crisps to enjoy with my family.  

Knowing just how much my family enjoyed these crisps, I have already some from Amazon, and will be filling their stocking with their favorite flavors.  My oldest will get the dark chocolate and peppermint crisps, while my husband and youngest will get the dark chocolate and pumpkin spice ones. I will be getting the milk chocolate and peppermint flavored ones, which I can't wait for.  Just writing up this post, I am finding my mouth watering and craving these healthy quinoa snacks.  You can learn more about Undercover and line of better for you quinoa crisps by visiting their website - https://www.undercoversnacks.com/. Here you will be able to see their different flavor varieties, as well as order directly from their website, to have delivered right to your door.  They now offer a 1 lb. gift tin, which would make for a great gift idea for those hard to shop for people on your shopping list, or to have on hand for when company comes to visit and you want to offer a healthy snack while you chat and catch up.

With the holidays fast approaching, why not make a point to have healthy snack options available for family and friends.  They will never know these delicious snacks are quinoa based.  But, once you tell them, they will be shocked that something so healthy and good for you, tastes so good.  I guarantee it! :-)

Disclosure: I was sent sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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