Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Coffee Lovers Will Rejoice On Christmas Day When They Unwrap Nora's Naturals Organic Coffee (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Christmas is almost here. I don't want to startle or stress you out but there are only 32 days until Christmas.  Hopefully you have started  your holiday shopping, especially with shipping delays and price increases expected this holiday season.  I started back in September picking up things here and there, and are almost done shopping for everyone on my list.  There are only a few more people to shop for, and then I can start the dreaded task of gift wrapping everything.  Ughh..  But, I am looking forward to Christmas morning this year, not just because it falls on a Saturday, but because I will have a cup of Nora's Naturals Organic Coffee in hand, along with a cup ready for my husband to enjoy, as we watch our girls unwrap their gifts from Santa.  

Last month, I had the opportunity to sample Nora's Natural Organic light roast coffee, and from the first sip, heck, the first smell of this amazing single origin organic coffee, I was hooked.  

This coffee, which is roasted in Santa Barbara not only smells amazing in the bag, but as you start to brew your daily cup of coffee, you find your senses awakening and you are eager to sit down and sip your coffee as you gear up for the day.  This coffee really is a pick me up in the AM, and even mid-day.  I have sampled my fair share of coffees over the years, but there are none that come close to the exceptional taste and quality of this antioxidant rich coffee.  Before I used to dread waking early in the AM, but now, knowing that I will be welcomed with a hot cup of Nora's Naturals light roast coffee to start my day, I go to bed excited for the morning to arrive, just so I can enjoy another cup of this amazing coffee (available in both light and dark roast).  

(Available in whole bean or ground; light or dark roast)

I loved the sample of Nora's Naturals Organic Coffee that I was sent, that I went on their website and ordered a few more 10 oz. bags of the whole bean light and dark roast coffee, so I would never be without.  I couldn't imagine waking one morning to find I was out of Nora's Naturals coffee.  And, as I look to fulfill gifts for family and friends this holiday season, it is a no-brainer on what to get those coffee-loving people in my life.  I am going to introduce them all to Nora's Naturals Organic Coffee, and get them hooked on this amazing coffee. And, for care packages I will be shipping off to soldiers and college students in our family, I will be making a point to enclose a 10 oz. bag of Nora's Naturals Organic Coffee for them to enjoy.  Once you experience Nora's Naturals there is no going back to your old cup of coffee.  Even those fancy flavored and specialty coffees at nearby coffee shops can't compete with this amazing coffee,which is full of flavor, right down to the last drop.

So, with the holidays fast approaching, and many late nights of wrapping gifts, or waking early to get in extra hours at work before you take much needed vacation time, why not make sure you have a bag of Nora's Naturals Organic Coffee on hand to get your through your day.  Once you smell this coffee you will want to brew up a cup to enjoy. And, once you take a sip, you will be hooked on this amazing coffee, and look forward to it daily like my husband and I do.  To learn more about Nora's Naturals Organic Coffee and to place an order today in either light or dark roast, head on over to https://www.coastalcoffeecollective.com/


More about Nora's Coffee:

"Grown on a multi-generation family farm in the Nicaraguan protected national forest, the organic coffee beans contain high levels of immune protective polyphenols and skin hydrating minerals. The volcanic soil is rich in silica, a mineral that rebuilds collagen production in the body, essential for slowing down aging process. The micro lot production prevents soil erosion, deforestation and water contamination."

Hand roasted in Santa Barbara

Rainforest Alliance Certified, Smithsonian Bird Certified

Nora's Naturals donates 3% of profits to the Environmental Defense Fund

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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