Monday, November 22, 2021

3 Healthy Lessons to Teach Your Children

Children just love to have their independence, it makes them feel very empowered. When it comes to health, it’s a great way to give them independence while also giving them the life lessons of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having healthy choices. Children look up to their parents and they tend to try to emulate what their parents are doing. So one way to ensure that they get the step in the right direction all begins with you, the parent. Teaching healthy choices honestly doesn’t need to be complicated, and can be surprisingly easy to manage. These are some tips to teach your children valuable lessons on health. 

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Make exercising fun for your children

A part of being a parent is to protect, serve, and nurture the children. One way to do this is through physical activity with your children. Kids love to move around, whether it be running, climbing, or jumping. These are already fantastic exercises for them! When it comes to exercising, if you want to make sure that they enjoy it, it needs to be fun. Children love sports such as running, soccer, baseball, and even exercises that involve equipment.

The problem is when the exercises themselves are boring or are too repetitive. Think about playgrounds, they’re usually full of equipment that tests children's strength if you think about it. The monkey bars are for holding themselves up which includes needing strength, teeter-totters pushing them to strengthen their legs, and even having to push their friends on swing sets.  Children are eager to exercise as it’s fun, even into adulthood this can be perfectly acceptable as well. Many adults get their exercise solely through sports.

Teach them that doctors are good

Many children have the fear of doctors, such as dentists. It’s so important for them to understand the importance of doctors, hospitals, and their roles. Sure, there may always be the chance of something wrong happening which could lead to medical malpractice attorneys needing to be hired, this rarely tends to be the case though. Teach them about the importance, and get them to understand how helpful they are. Depending on the age of your children, you may be able to buy them doctor toys or even introduce them to cartoons that have doctor characters in them.

Teach them about being responsible when using electronic devices

Everything is digitized nowadays which may be very handy, but it can potentially cause some negative effects. Children now are more accustomed to devices than any other generation. Depending on the age of your child, the smartphone may be older than them. It’s important to set boundaries when your children are using electronic devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets.

It’s important to set limits as they can potentially grow a dependency on these devices which could lead them to have poor social skills, a significant reduction in sleep, poor eyesight, and even an unhealthy weight. So what can be done about this? It’s best to use parental control software and apps to teach your children about when they need to know when to unplug. 

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  1. These are great tips! I wouldn’t have thought about any of these, but they’re very helpful! I’m definitely sharing post with family and friends!