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Good Science Makes for Great Food with the New "The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists" from America's Test Kitchen (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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When I look back at the Covid pandemic, I have to say that there have been some great things that came about as a result of being in quarantine with my family -- we have been able to eat meals together as a family (at a decent time), spend more time together talking and bonding, and being able to try things together like baking and cooking together in the kitchen.  My husband was never one to cook. Yes, he can boil water and pasta for the girls. But, outside of that and maybe eggs and pancakes, he is not one to get excited about being the kitchen. Well, that was until Covid hit, and we found ourselves together all under one roof 24/7.  After binging TV and movies and going on daily walks, we wanted to try something new.  So, we started to cook meals together in the kitchen once or twice a week.  Some days we would get adventurous and even bake together. :-) 

My youngest has always been a fan of the kitchen and learning how to cook, but my oldest not so much.  But, after seeing my husband get excited about trying out a new recipe we found in a cookbook or online, she wanted to try new things, too, and roll up her sleeves and help out more.  Thanks to "The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists," from America's Test Kitchen, we incorporated family time in the kitchen together along with homeschooling and learning, with this cookbook/science experiment book.

This recent release, which came out last month is chock full of recipes and experiments kids will love trying...70+ to be exact.  From making Caesar dressing to learning how to properly sear a steak to making homemade whipped cream and the perfect bowl of popped popcorn, young chefs will learn the science behind each recipe and experiment. 

"The book which highlights science in the kitchen, is written for ages 8 to 12 and each recipe has a difficulty level, detailed instructions and helpful photographs."

I really like how this book is set up with both recipes and experiments, as it will get kids excited to put their senses to the test, while making great tasting foods they can enjoy with their family. Being a homeschooling family, I ended up incorporating this book into our weekly schooling -- pairing both cooking and science - thus, making learning and exploring foods and the science behind the recipes that much more fun for my girls. Come on, who doesn't love snacking or trying a new recipe out?  Kids will forget they are learning science when they roll up their sleeves and make one of the many mouth watering recipes that fill the pages of this new book from America's Test Kitchen.  All recipes and science experiments include full color pictures, which will excite kids to want to try each and every recipe and experiment in the book.  We are halfway through this book, and loving everything we have tried so far.  Our bellies are happy, and the girls' minds are being filled with interesting and fun science information that they might otherwise not have learned or cared to know about. But, by combining two of their loves -- cooking and science -- they are broadening their knowledge base while also getting more comfortable cooking and baking in the kitchen.

If you are looking for a new cookbook to share with your kids or incorporate into your homeschooling, that also touches on science topics, then I highly recommend you check out "The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists," available now from America's Test Kitchen.  We love it, and know your family will, too!

More about this book:

"America’s Test Kitchen Kids bringing delicious science to your kitchen!

The fourth book in the New York Times best-selling cookbook series for Young Chefs.

Why do onions make you cry? Why do some cheeses melt better than others? What is umami, even!? The Complete Cookbook for Young Scientists answers the big food questions that kids want to know through fun and accessible science experiments that they can do at home—plus tasty and doable recipes to help demonstrate the concepts. Emerging scientists and chefs will feel confident in the kitchen, proud of their accomplishments, and learn the basics of food science along the way.

Wide range of recipes:

Recipes range from classic to modern to kid-trendy, and are organized first by meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, and treats) and second by questions kids want to know about how food works. Learn about the power of umami by making meat sauce, and about the difference between egg yolks and egg whites by making cloud eggs.

Fun and doable science experiments:

Each chapter has experiments (which can be done at home or in an educational setting) that demonstrate the concepts at work. Want to know why oil and water don’t mix? Try an (edible) experiment all about emulsions.

Helpful sidebars throughout:

Kids can learn more about why a recipe works, the history behind a dish, or even how to customize the recipe through informational sidebars.

Designed with kids in mind:

A visually-driven book, every recipe comes with a styled food shot and many have step photos as well. Equipment and ingredient lists are clearly marked to help young cooks prepare before they start cooking."

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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