Monday, September 6, 2021

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending Your Kid to Boarding School


Boarding schools are one of the more unique integrations of life and school in the US. As a result, many parents are considering whether if this is the right choice for their child. This can mainly depend on how you view boarding school and whether you're okay with leaving your child living alone in a new place.

For most parents, boarding school is for challenged children who cannot fit in regular school settings. However, this isn't the case. There are many things to consider if you're planning to send your child to boarding school. One of which is the rich history of boarding schools in the USA.

A Dark History

US history has taught us that boarding schools are not what they used to be many years ago. Back then, these specialized schools are known to bring in indigenous children to indoctrinate them. These schools were the new front lines of war, and each school aimed to change the way native Indians taught of their culture and lifestyle.

It had come to a certain point when native Indian children were kidnapped from their loving families as a child and brought into boarding schools so that American parents can adopt them. This dark history is where most people get their ideas about boarding schools in the US, but it has changed entirely since then.

Nowadays, boarding schools are known for their distinguished graduates and respected alumni. Many famous people like Uma Thurman, Kiefer Sutherland, Steve Carell, and other celebrities went to boarding schools. Some of these people have received prestigious awards for their contribution to their local communities.

With this in mind, what are the things you should consider when sending your kid to boarding school?


Boarding schools aren't cheap and can easily cost you thousands of dollars per semester. This is why many Americans think that boarding schools are "schools for rich people." Starting prices can be around $40,000 for one semester. However, this covers almost everything your child will need in school, such as their lodging, meals, and in some cases, their textbooks.

Boarding schools are indeed pricey, but you're technically paying your children to live somewhere else.


You shouldn't send your child if they aren't ready for boarding school. Change your thought about boarding schools being for problematic children. Deal with your child's problems before you send them out.

There are many more things you should consider before sending your child out to boarding school. But you might be wondering, what are the possible advantages and disadvantages of going to boarding school?



The very first thing your child will learn in boarding school is how to be independent. They are liberated from their parents and their previous life and given a chance to start anew in life. For most children, this can be a daunting experience. But with time, they can learn how to live alone without needing anyone else.


With independence comes responsibility. Your child will mature faster in a boarding school because they have to do everything themselves. This means a heightened sense of responsibility.


Since most children in boarding schools are disciplined to study and excel, they usually have increased intelligence, especially if they have lived in a healthy environment.


Not Raising Your Kid

If you want to raise your child your way, you shouldn't send them to boarding school. Children who went to boarding school are the school that raised them, not their parents.

Far from Home

Your child will be far away from home, and this can be problematic for many. This can affect their performance and their development as a person. If your kid isn't ready to live far away from you, consider not sending them to boarding school.


Many alternatives to boarding school can have the same effects on your child but in a more controlled environment. One of them is international schools.

International Schools

If you want your kid to excel in academics and be disciplined with their studies, then consider them sending to international schools. A British international school should be on the top of your list. These schools give the best academic lectures to their students and prepare them for college life.

Summer Camp

Children who experience summer camp have fun and grow a little in responsibility and independence as well. They won't be the same as those who went to boarding school, but they can go home afterward. Summer camp is for parents who want their children to experience what it means to be independent.

Boarding school is challenging for most children, but they will mature faster than most children if they can get through it.


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