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The "Green Kids Cook" Cookbook Teaches Kids to Engage in Healthy Food and Sustainability (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

(Also available in Kindle format)

Both of my girls have fallen in love with cooking and baking, and now love collecting cookbooks just like me.  When they get a new cookbook, they will read it cover to cover like a novel, while marking up recipes they want to try with sticky notes. And, usually when I flip through the cookbook, I see most of the recipes flagged to try. :-)  

As part of our homeschooling, the girls choose a new recipe a couple times a week to cook on their own, while I supervise and help if needed. But, as they get older they aren't needing much help. And, I love playing taste tester to all the delectable goodies they make, or even when they choose a dinner to make -- then, I get the night off from cooking. :-) When my girls saw this new cookbook arrive in the mail last week, they were all smiles, as they both like trying healthy recipes, and loved how this cookbook shares recipes as well as tips and information on how to help leave a smaller "foodprint".  From quesadillas to dumplings and even flapjacks, this "green" cookbook has a wonderful selection of recipes that kids of all ages will want to whip up in the kitchen, and enjoy with their family.

Like I mentioned above, we have only had this cookbook for about a week now...but, that hasn't stopped my girls from trying a few recipes that they flagged.  Just yesterday my oldest made from scratch flatbread, which she then used to make Caesar salad wraps for dinner.  I couldn't believe just how good the flatbread tasted..and,, it didn't take a bunch of crazy ingredients I needed to go hunting in the market for, or order online.  The recipe called for plain white flour, wholemeal flour, baking powder, salt, water and EVOO -- all of which I already had  in the pantry. And, in under an hour, we had 4 large flatbreads ready to be turned into a healthy wrap sandwich for dinner. Yum! I am getting hungry just thinking about just how good this flatbread was.  We will definitely be making more of this to dip in hummus or soups the girls make -- so much healthier and lighter than Italian bread we usually pick up at the market.

And, a few days prior, my youngest was whipping up homemade omelettes and buckwheat crepes for breakfast.  Not only did the house smell amazing, but once everything was plated and at the table, I couldn't believe my 10 year old was able to make such fancy looking dishes. Even she was impressed with how well she did.  Now, it has become a race with my girls to try out each and every recipe they flagged in the "Green Kids Cook" cookbook. And, you know what?...even I am excited to try each of the recipes they make, as the ones they have made so far are out of this world amazing!

If your kids love to bake and cook, I highly recommend you picking up this new cookbook, filled with healthy recipes for kids to make, as well as great tips and information about how to live a much more "green" and sustainable life.


More about this kid's cookbook:

"Green Kids Cook: Simple, Delicious Recipes & Top Tips: Good For You, Good For the Planet by Jenny Chandler (7/13/21; ISBN: 978-1-91-166358-4; Hardcover $23.95; 160 pages) is a fun cookbook aimed at children' aged 7-14 that teaches young people to engage with healthy food and sustainability.

This sequel to Cool Kids Cook emphasizes how to teach children to cook in the most environmentally sound and sustainable way. With over 50 easy and adaptable recipes and special feature spreads on the environment, simple ways to be more eco-friendly, and a few fun crafting projects, this will be a book to really engage the next generation of foodies in a positive way. There is no better trick to get children eating more healthily than letting them take the reins in the kitchen. Including recipes for Breakfasts, Snacks, Soups & Salads, Mains and Sweets, this is an inspirational and empowering cookbook for kids.

Jenny Chandler teaches regularly in London and Bath, UK. She has made television appearances for BBC, ITV and Carlton Food Network. She is the author of The Food of Northern Spain, The Real Taste of Spain, Pulse, and Cool Kids Cook."

 Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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