Saturday, August 21, 2021

Kids Will Go Crazy for the New Wubble Rumblers WWE and Marvel Avengers Characters -- They'll Want to Collect Them All!!! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

If you follow my blog, then you have probably seen one or more posts about Wubble products. My girls and I love the Wubble brand and their assorted line of Wubble Balls and Wubble Rumblers.  So, when I was asked recently to review the new line of Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars and Avengers characters, I didn't even have to ask my girls if they would want to help review the products, as I already knew their answer - "Yes!"  And, I wish you could have saw their faces when I unboxed two Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars and The Hulk Wubble Rumblers inflatables the other day. 

Before you even have to ask....yes, even girls can like WWE Superstars and Avengers characters.  My girls have been fans of John Cena and the Rock, as well as all the other big wrestling stars since they were little, as they loved watching wrestling with their Daddy, who has been a huge fan since before we got together.  So, it was only a matter of time before he shared his love of wrestling with the girls. And, having female wrestlers added to the shows makes it even more enjoyable for my girls, as they are reminded as girls that they can do anything -- even wrestle if they wanted to.  In addition to sharing his love for wrestling, my husband has also shared his love for comic books and superheroes with my girls.  They go weekly to the nearby comic book store to check out new comic releases, and will snuggle up on the couch together to watch their favorite Marvel Avengers and other superhero movies and shows.  Right now, they are binging The Flash, after having finished Supergirl. :-)

I couldn't even show my girls the boxes of the three new Wubble Rumblers products, before they were shouting out the two WWE superstars, while telling me all about their signature wrestling moves.

And, come on...everyone know who The Hulk, there was no need to school me on him. :-)  My youngest daughter reached for my phone as she knows I need to grab photos before we try out new products sent for review. She was so excited to tear into the three new Wubble Rumblers packages, that she demanded photos be taken STAT!  As soon as I snapped the required photos, The Hulk Wubble Rumblers box was torn open, and the girls were taking turns blowing up this huge inflatable character.  


I really like the details to these three new Wubble Rumblers characters. My girls were quick to point out their rock solid abs (hahaha), and how they all looked exactly like the wrestlers and superhero.  And, once The Hulk was blown up -- which took only minutes, the girls were tossing and bopping this larger-than-life superhero all around the living room.  My oldest is on the small side and is about 50 inches. When I had her hold The Hulk up next to her, it came right above her waist.  My oldest is taller, and it was right at her waist. They both couldn't believe just how big these Wubble Rumblers were. 

They have owned and collect other Wubble Rumblers, but said that these were bigger than others they have.  It didn't take long after blowing up The Hulk Wubble Rumblers inflatable for my girls to tear into the boxes of the two other Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars, so that they could blow them up.  


And, as they were taking turns blowing them up, they were telling me about the other inflatable characters they wanted -- they want to collect them I am guessing other Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars fans would want to do, too. 

My living room is now home to these Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars and Marvel superhero inflatables, as the girls are always reaching for them and playing with them. They love to pretend wrestle with the Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars along with their Daddy while watching the show, or after as they try to recreate all the cool wrestling moves they have seen.  And, when they are watching Marvel Avengers movies, I have found The Hulk has a seat on the couch next to the girls and husband, as they watch their favorite superheroes save the day.

If your kids love Wubble products including their ever popular and growing line of Wubble Rumblers, I highly recommend you pick up as many of the Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars and the Marvel Avengers inflatable characters, as I suspect they will fly off the shelves in advance of the holidays. 

I have had a hard time in the past trying to get Wubble products my girls have asked Santa for, as they are sold out.  So, I have gotten smart and order well in advance of the holiday rush.  You can learn all about these new Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars and Avengers characters, as well as other Wubble products by visiting


More about the new Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars:

"Battle it out with Wubble Rumblers WWE® Superstars! Made from squishy, squashy, super soft and lightweight material that’s way more elastic than typical inflatables, they’re the ultimate accessory for play fighting! Enjoy hours of adrenaline-pumping, body-slamming fun as you unleash your inner WWE® superstar! 

Create your own legendary matchups. Stage your own smackdowns. And get ready to squash your opponents! These super-sized action-play inflatables blow up to an incredible 3 feet tall! Four Wubble Rumblers WWE characters are each sold separately: Daniel Bryan®, Randy Orton®, Roman Reigns® and The Undertaker®. Collect them all, and prepare for some battle-action fun!"

More about the new Wubble Rumblers Marvel Avengers Superheroes:

"Be a superhero that saves the universe! Battle it out and defend the universe Marvel style with Wubble Rumblers Avengers. Made from squishy, squashy, super soft and lightweight material that’s more elastic than a typical inflatable, this is the ultimate accessory for play fighting! 

Kids will have hours of big bopping fun with this 3-foot inflatable superhero as they see who has the most superhuman strength and speed. Five different characters sold separately: Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and The Hulk. Collect them all! Ages 6+."

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. This would be perfect for my daughter to get all her energy out for days too hot to go outside.

    1. Yes! My girls have been bopping them all around and getting out their energy while couped up in the house with the rain and heat. And, when they aren't playing with them, they can deflate or just put in the closet.

  2. Oh boy here we go, the little guy will go crazy over these ones