Friday, July 2, 2021

Stop Your Photos Going Missing On Mac

 If you love to take photos, then there’s no doubt that you have quite the selection on your Mac and that you might want to revisit some of your favorites now and then, whether to make greeting cards, photo walls, or simply to go down memory lane. But what if you have trouble finding them? Could your photos be missing, or are things simply becoming too disorganized to find them? Either way, here are a few tips to make your favorite photos easier to find.

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Make sure they’re not hidden

First of all, make sure that they’re not simply hidden from sight. Some privacy settings can result in photos being hidden from things like Finder, which can obviously make it a lot harder to find them once again. However, they may still be there in your library, you simply need to toggle the “Show Package Contents” when you right-click the iPhoto Library on your Mac. If there are any hidden photos, they should pop right back up after that.

Desync from the Cloud

The iCloud feature is a very useful tool that allows folders to be synced to your iCloud Drive. This is a convenient way to sync files and make sure that you don’t accidentally lose some of your files. However, sometimes the Cloud can experience errors that will cause a desync, which means files that aren’t on the Cloud might not appear on your Mac, either. Disabling the iCloud feature can help these folders reappear. You can then resync to the Cloud and it should update the Cloud server based on what’s now visible on your Mac.

Get rid of the clutter

Sometimes, it simply hard to find the photos that you want because you have way too many. One way to start making them easier to find is to put them into folders based on when they were taken so that you can quickly revisit them so long as you know roughly when they were taken. Otherwise, duplicate finders can help you find and erase duplicates to get rid of some of the clutter, and some of the best have been reviewed to make them easier to find. A little less clutter can result in a much more organized Mac.

Recovering lost photos

If none of the above works or it seems like the photos legitimately aren’t on your Mac anymore, then it may the case they have been deleted or moved for one reason or another. It’s not always a guarantee, but the Time Machine feature might be able to help you find them again. It is effectively a way of restoring your Mac’s files and folders to the state that they were in at a certain time. There are plenty of guides that can teach you how to use the Time Machine effectively, but do note that it will change how your Mac is organized to some degree.

If you have completely wiped away your photos, it might be that you’re not able to get them back. If there is a chance, however, then the tips above can help.

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