Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Indispensable Content: What Your Course Should Contain


A course is a living being; it grows and evolves. Course creators spend so much time, effort, and money to develop their "baby." What kicks the project off from the ground is a solid content strategy.

Content strategies are essential. They underscore the impact of on-site content and help the course get higher visibility in search engines. These strategies also help generate social and referral traffic. Ultimately, the goal is to convert and keep an increasing conversion potential. What is some indispensable content each creator must cultivate in their content marketing strategy?

Bring Ideas to Life Through Videos

Videos are incredibly engaging. It draws in at least two of the most important senses: sight and hearing. It's visually appealing to the audience; that's why videos can get messages across easier. In addition, it can be a comprehensive source of value.

The best part about using videos in your content marketing strategy is that it's been proven to raise revenue. According to research, marketers who leverage videos generate revenue at least 49% faster than those who don't. Why are videos so effective?

For starters, videos offer viewers something to see and hear. And according to research, people remember 80% more of what they see than the 20% they retain from reading materials. In other words, videos make more impact than any other content available.

It's better to deliver a message through a video. It's more entertaining and gets more attention than other forms of content. It's also one of the most entertaining and effective ways to form a connection between you and the audience.

Videos are also social-media-ready and social-media-friendly. The characters, dialogue, and gestures can attract and retain attention. When delivered brilliantly, at least 80% of customers are likely to purchase a product or service because of video ads.

Not only are videos popular and appealing to viewers, but it's also more preferred by Google's algorithm. Sites with videos rank higher than those without. That's why as a course creator, videos are indispensable.

Create Personal Connection Through Podcasts

Podcasts have become more and more popular over the years. In fact, in 2020 alone, at least 100 million individuals listened to podcasts. At least 78% of Americans know what a podcast is. At least a third of all Americans listen to a podcast once a month.

In 2020, at least 850,000 active podcasts went live worldwide, and the total episodes reached at least 30 million. It's so easy to get hook on a podcast because people can use their smartphones. And most of them listen to a podcast to educate themselves, which is also a priority for every course creator.

Let's discuss what makes podcasts so popular.

The first thing that makes podcasts so good is that they're convenient. You can play it on speaker or with your earphones, and you can go on with your day. It's not restricting because you can work, play, or clean the house while you're listening. In other words, podcasts allow you to multitask.

It's also more accessible and more interesting than plain reading. Studies show that more and more people are getting acquainted with news and current affairs through podcasts. And today, podcasts can be about various topics and subjects. There's romance, horror, politics-name it, and there's a podcast about it.

It's also one of the more accessible types of content to make. You can make a podcast as long as you have a phone. But those that stand out using high-quality gears and make edits. Today, sound quality matters more than anything.

Engage with Social Media

In 2020, at least 3.6 billion individuals scattered across the globe used social media. More than half of all individuals worldwide are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms. Everyone spends at least 150 minutes being on social nets and messaging.

By the numbers alone, you can already tell that social media is a powerful tool not just for a course creator but for everyone. More than 70% of marketers leverage social media as a marketing tool. Of all the social media users, at least 50% are online looking for products and services. As a course creator, how could you not take advantage of the platforms?

Social media is a powerful tool to engage your audience. It's a great source of feedback, testimonials, and referrals. It's also a great way to nurture and build connections with partners and an effective way to collaborate with our course creators.

The number of social media platforms that everyone has been crazy about for more than a decade is Facebook. Currently, there are 2.85 billion active Facebook users, making it the most extensive social network in the whole world. That's at least 2.85 billion possible audience and students for a course creator.

Facebook groups are now used to build a direct line of communication with clients, customers, and partners. They are used to cultivate meaningful relationships and increase your organic reach. It's also a great learning and engagement tool. That's why course creators should learn how to grow a Facebook group today.

The benefits are tremendous. For starters, it helps a course creator to gather and connect with an already engaged audience. The community helps each member learn from one another. It can also be an avenue for important updates such as online masterclasses and live video chatting. The best bit about it is that it can help any course creator generate leads and increase their conversion rate.

Videos, podcasts, and social media are indispensable to a content marketing strategy. These help build brand image and brand awareness in an affordable, convenient, and effective manner. That's why as a course creator, you should be leveraging your resources and make sure you prioritize these forms of content.

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