Thursday, June 24, 2021

All the Reasons to Have Your Windows Cleaned Professionally


There are many advantages to having clean windows; however, the task itself is irksome.  Who wants to spend their free time cleaning and risk injury.  Most individuals prefer to spend their free summer days spending time with family or friends, relaxing by the pool, going to an amusement park, seeing a movie, or doing around a hundred different activities that are more entertaining than cleaning their windows.  Professional window cleaning services can ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of having clean windows without the hassle of having to do it yourself. 

Penguin Window Cleaning is an example of a company that will clean your windows for you.  Individuals use professional services because cleaning windows is a dirty, risky, exhausting job.  Cleaning your windows on your own, while still beneficial, does not offer the same benefits as hiring a professional.  Many individuals underestimate the amount of skill needed to quality clean windows.  Without this skill, you may find yourself facing streaks up and down your windows. This can be an aesthetic nightmare! When you find a professional that has experience and knowledge on how to clean windows, they will be so clean and clear you will forget they are even there.  Here are some of the major benefits of allowing a professional to clean your windows. 


If you want the windows of your business or home to remain clean and professional, it is recommended to have them cleaned at least two or three times annually.    When the windows are clean it makes the outside and inside of the home or commercial property more aesthetically pleasing. Sunlight can come in through the windows without you having to worry about shadows from unsightly fingerprints or streaks.  If you own a business, having the windows cleaned can be the difference in whether or not someone stops at your store.  Consumers typically do not enjoy shopping in an environment they feel is unsanitary.  The windows help ensure the outside of the business looks as clean as the inside.

It also provides you with a place to display sales or exclusive items.  The term window shopping originated somewhere, after all.  Homeowners can ensure their property is inviting and leave visitors with a good impression when they have clean windows.  If you are thinking of selling your home; professional window cleaning services can help bring in more offers and even assist in increasing the closeout price.  People are typically willing to pay more money for a home with good curb appeal. Clean windows increase the curb appeal of your home


The time that you spend at work should be spent focusing on work, not cleaning the windows.

The time that you spend at home should be a time of relaxation and family.  If you are cleaning windows at your business, you could be negatively impacting the amount of money that you are bringing in.  If you are washing the windows at home, you are interfering with important quality family and relaxation time.   Properly cleaning windows goes beyond washing them with a cloth and soapy water.  If you are not a professional window cleaner and use the wrong materials you may have to spend more time finding a replacement for your windows after they have been damaged.  Hiring a professional to clean your windows can keep you productive at the office or protect sacred family time at the home.  You work hard and deserve to relax on your days off.


You will not have to replace your windows as often when you have them professionally cleaned.

Professional services help keep contaminants like oxidation, acid rain, and hard water away from the windows. This means that they are useful for a longer period.   When contaminants are allowed to build up, dirt builds on the windows and can make your home colder in the winter.  Weathering around the frames of your windows can destroy your window this seal.  This can further cause the windows to fog, condensation that increases chances of mold growth and can even increase your power bill, and air leaks.  Bugs and dirt can collect in the window seal as well keeping them from closing properly. You can avoid all of these issues by having your windows professionally cleaned regularly!


Most individuals have a strong desire to feel comfortable in their own homes.  Smudges, streaks, and fingerprints on the windows can cause a distraction.  They can be especially distracting if you try to remove them without success for an entire day.  Professional cleaning allows you to enjoy clean windows that allow the sun to come through unfiltered, allows you to enjoy the scenery outside, and provides you with pride when inviting a guest to your home or clients to your business.  

Life Span

Cleaning your windows regularly helps ensure that the surface does not become scratched and contaminants do not accumulate on the glass.  It is easy for dust and dirt to build up on windows.  After they have been left for some time, they can etch themselves into the glass.  This results in damage to the windows and can cause the need for them to be replaced. Keeping the windows clean can help ensure that they have a longer life span. 

Professionals Have Professional Equipment

One thing that you probably do not have when cleaning your windows on your own is the same equipment the professionals have.  The type of products and cleaner you use on the windows when you clean them has a significant impact on the results.  Professional window services remove the contaminants from the windows using high-quality equipment and products.  The products are safe to use and you do not have to worry about streaked windows when they are finished.  Your windows will sparkle.  They also clean up any mess they make while cleaning the windows.  This means they put away their cleaning supplies and equipment without you having to worry about it.  If you have UV protection or specialty glass, professionals will have equipment that is safe to use on these windows as well.  They will also know the correct method for cleaning these types of windows.

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