Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Start To Feel Beautiful, You Deserve It


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TV and magazines present us with many images, which make many people feel inferior: because all the actors are so beautiful, because each plot is so fascinating, because everyone knows exactly what to do, when to do it and where to do it.  All those people you admire? To look the way they do, they most likely go through grueling processes of fitness, surgery, makeup, Botox and "graphic treatment" - which have led to the perfect look you see in front of you. You don’t need to feel bad by the standards of those we see online.

How important is it in general?

Many people spend days and nights worrying about their appearance and most of the time, will not be happy with the result. The media makes people feel that beauty and appearance are important, even though most of you lead a life that is not related to beauty at all: unless you are a model, actor, dancer or singer, your work will often depend on your intelligence, your behavior, your creativity, your determination. Yours, your ambition, being good people, sociable and more. Your social connections will also often include people with close interests and shared enjoyment together, which is not really based on beauty. You can change things easier than you think. Try changing up your make-up routine, or dye your hair. Perhaps you could consider getting braces at ALIGNERCO. Wear some new clothes, add a tattoo to your look, even some fake tan! Changes can be subtle but huge.

Don’t compare yourself

The only place where beauty has an impact on you is in choosing a partner, which is very arbitrary. Each person has their own specific taste, according to which they perceive the other looks good and if they are attracted to them. Even if there is a match by appearance, be sure to remember that long-term relationships will be based on much more personal attraction: common areas, high communication ability, caring, shared trust and exemplary teamwork are just some of the important criteria for building a proper, happy and fun relationship. Try to learn from this understanding. Next time you are looking for someone new, try to ignore the beauty and focus on the character. Only if there is no match on both levels, you are advised to rule out. A lot of people do not attach importance to beauty and are actually attracted to the character of the person because they understand that this is what will really affect their relationship in the long run.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so they say, therefore beauty from within radiates externally. By changing minor things, you can make the biggest of impacts! A little confidence goes a long way, and confidence starts by changing the things you dislike without major surgery. If you have thin lips, try peppermint oil or a non-invasive lip plumper. If you dislike your nose, try contouring it with makeup. If you feel too short, then look at a good pair of heels. The world is your oyster, even if right now you don’t believe it. 

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