Thursday, January 7, 2021

Children and Car Safety

When you have children, safety is one of the most important things that you can do. Of course, we all know that you need to ensure that you have the correctly fitted car seat for your make and car model. Not every car seat fits every car.

Unfortunately, 12 children under ten are injured or killed as passengers in a car almost every day. So it is up to us as parents to do everything we can to make sure our children are safe in the car.

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As mentioned above, every car seat is different. And not all car seats will fit all cars. Research has shown that 1/3 of all car seats are fitted incorrectly, and as many as one and ten are dangerously installed. You can follow the manufacturers’ directions to ensure that your car seat is installed correctly or take your car and car seat to an expert car seat fitter.

Many parents still place the children into a car seat with coats and blankets on. Unfortunately, this increases the distance between the harness straps and the child’s body. In the case of an accident, that gap could cause your children to move through the straps and be launched into the car. 

Remove your child’s jackets and outerwear, and do not place any blankets between the child and a harness strap.

When babies are crying in the car, it is not uncommon for parents to remove them from the car seat and sue them. Unfortunately, their safety depends on them being in the car seat. If your baby is unable to settle, you must find a safe place to pull over, only then remove them from the car seat.

And even if you have done everything you can to keep your child safe, the final point is never to leave a child unattended in the car. Children can wiggle out of car seats or learn to hit the release button on their harness. 

There is also a possibility that another vehicle can hit your car even if you are not moving. If this is the case, it is recommended that you speak to highly experienced personal injury attorneys.

It is essential that you take the time to check the child’s car seat, the windows, and the doors are locked before you take any journey in your vehicle.

Most cars are fitted with child safety locks; these child safety locks can prevent your child from opening the doors while your vehicle is moving. Children do like to pull on handles and press buttons, so it is essential that you have these child locks turned on. 

You can most often find that the child locks are then inside the door and are operated by sliding a switch into the on position. You should check your own car owner’s manual to find precisely where the child safety locks are.

Your windows should be locked as well; this will stop your children from putting their arms and hands out of the window while you are driving. Not only that, but some children do throw toys and other things out of the window, and this can be dangerous to other drivers.

Take a few moments to check straps, locks, and the child’s car seat’s security before each journey. 

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