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5 Things That Help Your Family Home Feel More Complete


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It’s important to stay grateful for our homes, no matter how humble they might be. This is the one place in the world where you have an anchor, where you can feel safe, where you can enjoy your time and truly express your personality in the best possible sense.

What does that really mean in practice? Well, quite simply, it means that you’re allowed to feel indulgent within this space. For that reason, considering the five things tha help you family home feel more complete can only let you feel even more appreciative of this space, giving you the chance to better and more adequately improve it.

To understand how our homes can improve, it’s important to know what we feel is missing. It’s okay if your home isn’t perfectly arranged and perfectly crafted as of yet, after all, it takes time, enthusiasm and energy to get things right, and besides, ‘perfect’ is not something that we should ever achieved, but something that keeps us pointed in the right direction.

With that advice in mind, let’s consider five worthwhile elements of completing your family home:

A Lovely Pet

It can be nice to complete your family unit with a loving pet, such as a beautiful puppy. You can see which pets are most suitable if you click here, as puppies are often the most beautiful means of bringing a loyalty, trainable character to your family home.

Of course, it’s important to remember that no matter what pet you opt for, it’s more than just a novelty, and more than just a present or gift to your child. We must ensure our home space is suitable to bring home such an animal, as they take time and effort to invest in, as well as no uncertain amount of cost making sure their health is maintained and that they eat properly.

That said, a lovely pet can bring your children great joy. If you’re around at home enough, they can be a great member of the family. They will become a person your family remembers, intimately woven into the history of your family life. If you can do that, then the novelty quickly turns into a long term relationship with an animal that does grow, and does provide you much unconditional and worthwhile love. 

Beautiful Artwork

A little artwork can make a massive difference to a property. It not only helps you enjoy a beautiful means of expressing yourself and ensuring your home feels like it represents your personality, but it also adds some color, some flair, some curiosity to your home.

It might be that you wish to support local artists and bring those homespun paintings into your house. Perhaps your child is great at art, and you’re happy to give them pride of place in your living room.

Maybe you’ve traveled the world, and have some world art or artifacts you would just love to place around the home. Remember, your house or apartment doesn’t have to feel like an IKEA showroom, as nice and minimal as that can be. Having a few things around the place that help elucidate who you are, and that help the home feel more customized to you can be wonderful. So - if you’ve been holding off because you feel that you’re not sure what the ‘right’ decisions might be, don’t overthink it! We’re sure you’ll find something that suits you through and through if you just go for it.

Educational Efforts

It’s nice to make sure that your home feels like a place of appreciation for the world outside of its four walls. If you have children, this can be especially useful. It’s great to learn something, and to feel connected and as if you’re moving forward to something nice.

For instance, you might find that when it comes to cooking with your children, having a few cookbooks around, with some international cuisine in your freezer, and learning how to make something nice together can be really rather worthwhile. In the midst of lockdown, this especially helps you feel as though you’re improving and have something to offer, despite all of the difficulties and limits we have placed on ourselves. It can be nice to have a map of your local area as a decoration, or a globe in your office, or all of these little additions that help your home feel like a place not only to relax and feel pensive, but to learn and reflect on the world outside. Who said decoration only had to have a visual impact?

Indulgent Comfort

There are some homeowners who feel that having a comfortable (perhaps indulgently so) home is tantamount to being messy, and unkempt, and irresponsible. We don’t really agree with that take. If you can’t enjoy indulgent comfort here, where can you? Taking some time to relax, and to feel comfortable and as if you haven’t a worry in the world is not only nice, it’s necessary. A comforting blanket (perhaps even weighted), sitting on your sofa and relaxing while watching a film you enjoy, these things help you feel open, more receptive to the world outside, and if you’ve had a rough week, you can more easily let the stress leave your body, piece by piece. These are the efforts that really make a difference in the long run. They help us feel like we can fully express ourselves. And in that, we become better, more worthwhile, more interested, more organized, more grounded people.

Security & Safety

Certainly, it’s important to feel safe in your home. From installing motion-sensitive floodlights that ensure your driveway and side alleys are lit up at night, to using closed circuit television systems or door cameras to ensure you can see just who is approaching your property, all the way up to changing the locks once in a while and making sure your home is carefully secured in its structural integrity, a home is nothing if it feels unsafe in this regard.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily curate the five things that will help your family home feel complete.

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