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Empower a Generation of Change Makers with Little Justice Leaders Monthly Subscription Boxes -- Makes a Great Gift Idea for Kids in K-6th Grade (Review) #LittleJusticeLeaders

Disclosure: I was sent a sample box from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Talking about social justice issues can be hard. We want to make it easier. With conversation starters, activities, and other goodies, you can make these tough conversations fun and interesting for your learners. 

With this year being an election year, I spent a great deal of time talking and teaching my girls about government and elections.  My girls watch the news and have so many questions about the world around them, especially why we are so divided, and how there is still racism and social injustice all these years later.  They are part Latina, as my husband is from El Salvador, and have experienced racism in their young lives, even though they are homeschooled.  They have been picked on because of the color of their skin, and because their Daddy has an accent and is from another country.  And, when they saw the news about children being locked up in cages, it made the girls cry, as they could see many of these kids looked like them, and were so scared.  They couldn't imagine being taken away from their parents, or how it would feel to be in a country and not be able to speak the language, and be so scared.  Over the past few years, my girls have found themselves asking more and more questions as they hope to be more socially conscious, and one day stand up and make a difference for everyone - no matter their skin color or background.

I love incorporating monthly subscription boxes in our homeschooling, and was excited when I was sent a box from Little Justice Leaders to review and share with my girls. I received their Voting Right and Voter Suppression box, and really liked how this box was put together and all the wonderful content that was provided with kids grade K-6th grade in mind.  

Having already covered voting rights and the election in our schooling, my girls had a basic understanding of the topics that would be covered with this fun educational box.

With projects, activities, and other goodies, you can make these sometimes difficult topics fun for your learners. The monthly package will remind you to engage in these conversations on an ongoing basis.

The Little Justice Leaders family monthly subscription box has a new social justice theme each month and contains a children's book, a hands-on activity, a series of information cards to learn more and guide the experience, and even more surprises to help you and your child learn about a social justice issue.

Be part of the solution.

You can purchase a single box with a specific theme (for instance, anti-racism, feminism, or gender identity), or a monthly subscription.

It is geared towards children ages 5-12, and a great educational box to do with the whole family.  I especially liked the additional resources that are provided, including books based on that month's topic.  I have always been a fan of subscription boxes that include books and reading comprehension questions, as I love sitting down and reading books with my girls, and then having questions to ask them to see how much they learned from the reading, and be able to talk further about what they read.  The "Equality's Call" picture book that was included in the Little Justice Leaders box we were sent was one we hadn't read before, so the girls were excited to sit down and read it with me. I especially liked how the reading guide for parents, that is included with each shipment had a list of vocabulary to go over with you kids, as well questions and things to bring up with your child as you read through the book.  I found that this resource guide really helped with getting the most out of the book and talking to my girls and educating them about voting rights and voting suppression -- more so than all the other handouts, readings, and videos we had used with our own homeschooling.  I also found that the girls had so many great questions they asked as we read through the book, and even more once we finished reading. And, after they answered the post reading questions I asked them, I could tell they had a greater understanding of voter rights, elections, and voter suppression. They breezed though the fill charts and questions that were included in the parent's resource guide, and couldn't wait to sit down and write a letter to the Dept. of Education expressing their concern for the false history being taught in the schools around voting rights.  

Now that my girls are getting older, they understand why my husband and I chose to homeschool them, and are seeing so many topics in school and events in history that are being falsified in public school teaching.  From the pilgrims and native Americans, to Christopher Columbus and other notable figures in history who are being glorified when they shouldn't be, my girls are taking advantage of our homeschooling and learning what actually happened in history.

My girls were so proud of themselves when they wrote their letters, and even more proud when they helped my husband and I drop off our ballots to be counted in the recent election.  They were their "I Voted" pins and stickers with pride, and sat with us to watch the election results.  

They were sad when the current president couldn't accept the results of the election, and are hoping that with the new incoming president that people will finally come together and that the friction between groups will get better, so we can finally work towards true equality for all. I reminded my girls that this will not happen overnight, and maybe not in my lifetime. But, hopefully, with their voices and hope for a better world, that they can be the generation that makes a change, and bring everyone together with equal rights, equal pay, etc.

The Little Justice Leader box is an amazing subscription box, and really lights a fire inside your child to want to make the world a better place. They are introduced to a social injustice topic and expand on it through reading the box provided, answering questions, and doing the different hands on activities.  

By the time they complete the box, they will be better educated on that particular social justice topic, and feel confident in how they voice their concerns and find a way to get their voices heard, even if it is just through a letter to someone in government or at the local level.  My girls both gave the Voting Rights and Voter Suppression box from Little Justice Leader two thumbs up, and want me to sign them up for more boxes, so that we can incorporate them into our schooling.

For each box sold, we make a donation to an organization working in the area of the social justice issue addressed in the package that month, so you and your child can feel good about giving back.

If you are looking for monthly subscription box for your kids that is full of substance and one that will not only engage your child with the well though out hands on activities, but also educate on a social justice topic, then I highly recommend you checking Little Justice Leaders.  This monthly subscription box would make for a great gift idea for kids of all ages, especially those who homeschool. You can learn more about this educational box by visiting

Disclosure: I was sent a sample box from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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