Wednesday, December 16, 2020

3 Unique Gift Ideas for a New Mom

Between baby showers, being overloaded with family, and people just showing generosity, new mothers are often inundated with gifts before and after their baby is born. Most baby gifts are practical, from diapers and bath time supplies to clothes and toys. 

But, what about gifts for mom? 

Research has shown that new parents can lose up to 50 full nights of sleep throughout the first year of their baby’s life. Needless to say, new mamas deserve some love, too!

So, what’s a unique gift that you can get for a new mother that can either make life with a baby easier, or help her in some way? Let’s take a look at a few ideas. 

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1. A Personalized Piece of Jewelry

Just because a woman has a baby doesn’t mean she doesn’t still want to feel pretty and elegant. Personalised Baby Gifts are always a hit at showers and after a baby is born, including clothes and collectibles. But, a personalized gift for a new mother, especially a piece of jewelry, can make her feel a bit more like her old self. 

Consider a necklace or a ring with the baby’s name on it, or the child’s birthstone next to the mother’s. There are plenty of ways to make a simple piece of jewelry more sentimental, and any new mom would love to feel special for just a moment. 

2. A Motivational Water Bottle

When it comes to tips for new parents, one of the best things you can do is to practice self-care as much as possible. That means sleeping when you can, staying active, and eating right. It also means drinking enough water. 

Staying hydrated will help to keep your energy levels up and fight off fatigue. It will also keep you healthy, and make your skin feel and look nourished. Motivational water bottles have different gague levels on them, letting you know how much you’ve had throughout the day and encouraging you to keep going. If you know a new mom that may be struggling with their motivation, one of tehse water bottles could help them to stick with a routine. 

3. A Self-Care Basket

Some new moms just don’t want to take a break unless they’re forced to. Unfortunately, mothers who feel like they have to do everything can burn out quickly. 

So, encourage a new mother in your life to practice more self-care and relax. Getting them a “self-care” basket with things like essential oils, candles, lotions, etc., can help to give them “permission” to relax and take a few hours off to themselves. It’s important to recognize that no one can pour from an empty cup. When a new mother is too exhausted to do anything else, she won’t be able to take care of her family the way she wants to. So, encourage rest, self-care, and their overall well-being. 

When a new baby is born, it’s easy for everyone to fuss over them right away. But, don’t forget about the mother in their life. She has been through a lot, and could use some attention, too. 

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