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Your Guide to Locating and Hiring the Right Electrician

There are many reasons that individuals seek the services of a professional electrician.  It may be that you are undergoing a renovation project in your home.  It may be that the flickering light in the kitchen is beginning to drive you insane.  No matter your reasons, finding the right electrician can be challenging.  Here is information critical in the process of locating and finding the right electrician, information on why electricians charge what they do, and tips to reduce cost.  There is also information in this article on some of the many reasons you may need a professional and questions to ask before and after the job is completed. 

Common Projects Involving Electricity

There are times that every home requires the services of an electrician.  Nothing lasts forever, and repairs are typically needed at one point or another on your home’s electrical system.  There are many hazards involved when undertaking electrical work, and because of these, it is critical not to assume that all projects are safe to do on your own.  Often, hiring a professional is your safest bet.  Professional electricians are commonly used when the renovation is taking place or new buildings are being built.  Some of the main reasons that individuals need an electrician are fixing a circuit breaker or electrical panel, installing outside lighting, installing ceiling fans or light fixtures, adding an electrical outlet to the home, and many other electrical projects. 

Hiring an Electrician

When going through the process of hiring a professional electrician, there is a certain amount of research required.  The first thing you want to do is to search the internet.  Look for common questions to ask the electrician.  There are also many helpful articles on tips and facts related to electrical work that will help.  Equipping yourself with the knowledge you need will ensure that you have the information and confidence required to hire the right professional.  If you can understand how basic wiring works, it can help you know the problems occurring in your home and assist as you communicate these problems with professionals.

The next thing you want to do is look at how much hiring an electrician cost.  You want to look beyond the hourly rates of simply hiring an electrician.  Make sure that you research common rates for the project you have in mind as well.  Knowing the costs associated with your project will help make sure that the electrician is offering a fair price.  You also want to make sure that you are checking reviews.  Make sure that you look at more than one review, ask your friends, ask your family, and ask for quotes from multiple professionals as you search for the professional that you want to hire. 

Do not settle for the first offer that someone gives you.  Get multiple bids for the job from different professionals and find out what is included in the work.  Ask questions to each of the questions that you are considering hiring about the situation you are in and the job you are wanted to complete.  You also want to make sure that the professionals you hire have the credentials needed.  There are some places that it is a law for people who come into your home and conduct electrical work that is required to hold insurance and a license.  If our not sure about their credentials, ask them, and verify it.  If you are unable to do so, hire someone else.

What Does it Cost?

Hiring an electrician may seem expensive on the surface, with average prices ranging from fifty to one hundred dollars an hour.  The price varies largely based on the type of work needed and where you are located.  The higher the cost of living in the area you are in, the more you are going to pay for a professional.  The level of licensure held by the professional can also have an impact on the price.  You also typically spend more money for the first hour that work is being done to cover travel and time.  If you need work done after normal business hours or in case of emergency; you will probably see a higher cost as well.  Emergency fees can run as high as three hundred dollars with an expected increase in the hourly rate for work completed. 

Tips to Follow When Hiring

Finding a professional electrician is required at some point for many homeowners.  It does not matter what job is being done, the bill can quickly increase.  Here are some ways that you can decrease the financial burden of hiring a professional.

First, make sure that you are not tricked by the rate per hour.  Most homeowners make the mistake of hyper-focusing on the hourly rate.  This has meaning only when it is compared to the quality of the work provided by the professionals, the equipment they use, and the experience they have in the filled.  You may find that spending more on these factors is worth the money than hiring a cheaper professional with little to no experience.  Experienced professionals often provide quality work that will last and provide warranties for the work they provide. 

You should also pay attention to the travel charges for each professional.  The rates should reflect the amount of time that it takes to reach the job.  This can impact the total cost in a big way and the process of comparing the rates can even be simpler than attempting to compare hourly rates.  Most of the time that electricians go to the job is spent traffic.  Travel charges typically take the form of a minimum charge for every visit made to the home, a flat rate for the trip, a higher rate per hour, or charging more for the first hour working.  When you speak with a professional that you are considering an hour, ask about the travel charge and see if it makes sense.  Make sure that the amount they are charging accurately reflects the amount of time they will spend traveling and that this cost is reasonable. 

Another way to minimize the financial burden of hiring a professional is to bundle needed jobs together.  When you find a problem that will need an electrician, write it down on a list.  When you need professional services, go over the list with the professional, and inspect your home.  Add any faulty switches or outlets that are not working properly to the list of problems that need to be addressed.  Having them handle it all at once will save you a good bit of money. 

Finally, preparing before the visit can help save you money.  This prevents the professional from having to deal with certain things and saves them time.  You can prepare by being detailed in the reason that you are contacting them.  The more information you provide them the quicker they can perform the task.  You should also have a list of what you want to do ready for when they arrive and make sure that you have informed them of what you need.  Make sure that nothing is blocking the electrical panel because the time spent getting to it is going to cost you money.  Make sure that the area where you expect work to be conducted is clear of clutter or objects blocking access to the worksite.  You also want to make sure to ask all questions before the work starts.  After the job is finished, have the professional describe issues you may encounter and what parts of the home power will be cut off when they arrive.  Finally, make sure that you have budgeted for the services and provided yourself with a little extra than the expected amount just in case something goes wrong or the job takes a little longer than expected. 


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