Monday, November 9, 2020

THE HARDY BOYS - Premieres 12/4 Only on Hulu

**All 13 episodes streaming

on Hulu Friday, December 4**

After a family tragedy strikes, Frank Hardy (Rohan Campbell), 16, and his brother Joe (Alexander Elliot), 12, are forced to move from the big city to their parent’s hometown of Bridgeport for the summer. Staying with their Aunt Trudy (Bea Santos), Frank and Joe’s quiet summer quickly comes to a halt when they discover their dad, detective Fenton Hardy (James Tupper) has taken on a secret investigation. 

Realizing that their Dad may be onto something the boys take it upon themselves to start an investigation of their own, and suddenly everyone in town is  a suspect. 


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Rohan Campbell as ‘Frank Hardy’
Alexander Elliot as ‘Joe Hardy’
James Tupper as ‘Fenton Hardy’
Keana Lyn Bastidas as ‘Callie Shaw’
Linda Thorson as ‘Gloria Estabrook’
Bea Santos as ‘Aunt Trudy’
Adam Swain as ‘Chet Morton’
Atticus Mitchell as ‘J.B. Cox’
Riley O’Donnell as ‘Biff Hooper’
Cristian Perri as ‘Phil Cohen’
Rachel Drance as ‘Stacy Baker’
Stephen R. Hart as ‘The Tall Man’

Executive Producers:
Athena Georgaklis, Joan Lambur, Peter Mohan, Doug Murphy, Jason Stone, Pam Westman

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