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Struggling To Get Pregnant? You Still Have Options

Not all couples have the desire to procreate. However, when you've been trying to have a child without success for long periods, it can become a very stressful situation. While you may feel like giving up, there's no need to wave the white flag just yet.

Before doing anything, you want to confirm that infertility is an issue. You probably won't need to worry too much unless you've been having unprotected sex 2-3 times per week for at least a year. After all, it's not uncommon for couples to fall pregnant after several years. So, it's still worth trying through the traditional way. 

If that doesn't work, you will need to get tested. Around one-third of problems are due to a man's sperm count, so it is imperative that both of you are tested by the doctors. This will include blood tests and a range of exams to monitor sperm counts, hormone levels, and uterus health. Likewise, medical history and family history may be questioned. 

In some cases, lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, can be used to increase your chances. When this isn't the source of your problems, though, a range of other options may still be possible. 

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Fertility Drugs

Drugs and medication can have a positive impact on many aspects of our lives. Help with fertility is just another example. The fact is that a lot of couples struggle to conceive because the odds aren't in the favor. However, with the right drugs in their bodies, it is possible to boost the chances of getting pregnant and having children.

Fertility drugs may be designed to stimulate ovulation, thicken the uterine lining, or increase the sperm count. Several options are available. The list includes Clomiphene citrate, Gonadotropins, Metformin, Letrozole, Bromocriptine, Anastrazole, and testosterone boosters. Some risks are involved, which is why you must seek medical advice first.

Taking medication isn't for everyone, but does offer a solution that helps many couples get pregnant. It's certainly worth investigating the situation.

Seek Scientific Help

Millions of couples struggle to conceive naturally, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Moreover, when it doesn't happen naturally, it is still possible for you to become parents through the use of the man's sperm and woman's egg. Thanks to scientific progressions, the success rates are greater than ever before. Accessibility has improved too. 

The most common form of scientific support comes courtesy of affordable IVF. Also known as In Vitro Fertilization, the procedure involves inseminating the egg outside of the body in a lab. The fertilized egg is then returned to the womb, where it will develop in a traditional way until the mom reaches labor. 

The start of pregnancy is different to the natural manner. But the rest of the pregnancy is largely the same as any other, although a few extra scans may be needed.

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Consider A Donor Or Surrogate

Sometimes couples can't get pregnant due to compatibility or issues affecting both parties. In other situations, though, the troubles are experienced predominantly by either the man or woman. For example, the woman's womb may not function correctly due to an illness. Alternatively, the man may have a low sperm count or slow-moving sperm.

In either situation, options are available. A sperm donor can help a woman get pregnant through artificial insemination. Meanwhile, a surrogate can carry the baby when a woman's womb isn't hospitable. In gestational surrogacy, the egg and sperm are from the parents. However, it is also possible for the surrogate to use her eggs when the mom doesn't produce any.

When reproduction where you are both biological parents isn't possible, this is the best option. The non-biological will be no less of a mom or dad.


There are many reasons why adoption may be the best solution at your disposal. Perhaps you don't want to have a baby that is only biologically related to one of you. It is also a commonly used method for same-sex couples. Many children are deserving of loving homes. So, adoption may simply stand out as the most logical and satisfying route to parenthood.

Adoption involves taking legal guardianship of a child. This could be a boy or girl of any age from newborn to teenager. Whatever age the child is when they join your family, you can play a central role in raising them to be an outstanding person. The satisfaction of changing a young person's life for the better is truly incredible.

Depending on their age they may or may not know about the biological detachment. Either way, they will still be your child and you will still be great parents.

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Helping Others

Becoming parents is the most common way to support a child through their formative years. However, this doesn't mean that having kids is the only way to have a telling influence on a child's life. Far from it. Millions of childless adults help children in their daily lives. This is an option that can be embraced by couples and singles alike.

This could involve becoming a school teacher or learning support assistant. Or maybe you'll become a carer working with disadvantaged kids. There are many ways to become a mother or father figure without being a parent. It is still an immensely satisfying thing to do and may allow you to support dozens of children throughout the year.

Choosing the route also offers greater suitability for adults that have their own health problems. Or those who cannot provide the home a child deserves.


The above methods show that there are options available, which should hopefully remove some of the stress placed on having sex. In truth, the increased sense of relaxation will actually boost your chances of natural conception too. Adopting the right mindset will have a telling impact.

Crucially, though, if you want to become parents, the key is to remember that it will happen one way or another. And when it does, your appreciation of life's greatest gift will help you become brilliant parents. Your son or daughter will be very lucky indeed.

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