Monday, November 30, 2020

Make Indoor Play More Fun with the Twinkle Play Tent from Jay@Play - Includes Fun Magical Light Show (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

In addition to our homeschooling that I teach my girls, I also enroll my girls in online classes, so they learn different teaching styles from other teachers, as well as have interactions with other kids. Usually we are out at nature school, art classes, swim lessons, etc. during the school year, but due to Covid, everything has been cancelled, leaving the girls at home 24/7. So, these online classes that they take really are a great way for them to socialize and have some sort of normalcy with kids they see regularly, while other learning and having fun.

One class that my girls take a few times a week is homeroom. The class has about 8 kids from all over the United States, ranging in ages from 8-12.  My girls look forward to this 20 minute meetup every week, and they love sharing highs and lows and goal updates with their friends, while also having spirit weeks and fun and games.  Every Friday when the homeroom class meets, it is tent/fort day. The kids can make their own tents/forts in the rooms or living rooms using blankets and pillows.  Or, if they have pop up teepees or tents they can set those us and hang out inside, while chatting with the teacher and friends.  My girls started off trying to make their own forts when classes started in the spring, but found that with all their moving about and the dog being curious and wanting to come in, a few minutes after setting up their fort they were so excited to show off, it would collapse on them.  I told the girls I would look for a tent they could use that was easy to put up, as well as easy to store when not in use. 

Who knew it would be difficult to find a play tent that would be big enough for a 9 and 10 year old to hang out in and play?  Most play tents are made for little kids -- but, come on, big kids like to have fun and play in forts and tents to.  I was able to give up, when I stumbled upon the Twinkle Play Tents from Jay@Play.  I found the tent while browsing tents in Amazon, and knew this was the perfect tent for my girls. 

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Enter the magical world of Twinkle Play Tents™, the light up play tents that interact with you and your music too! At the top of the tent there’s a starlight with magical colors that shine bright. Here’s something special no other play tent can do, the colorful lights dance, change, twinkle and react to the words from your voice and your fun music choice. 

I was in midst of putting together my holiday gift guide, so I reached out to the folks at Jay at Play, as I have worked with them for years, to promote all their new toys for kids of all ages, and asked if they could send along a sample of their princess twinkle play tent. Within a few days, the play tent arrived at our door, and in a matter of minutes, the girls were able to put it up on their own, by following the instructions provided.

My girls had play tents when they were little, and even had ones that strapped onto their twin beds. But, they had to say goodbye to them when they graduated to a full size bed. They always wonder and ask why they don't come out with play tents for full size beds, as they would really love to hang out in a bed tent and read or just have some quiet time. Who knows, maybe down the road they will come out with play tents for full size beds. But, in the meantime, my girls are really enjoying their princess themed twinkle play tent, which comes complete with magically lights that turn on when they detect movement and sound, and go off when kids leave the tent.  

And, if you play music or are making a lot of sound, the lights magically change color -- kind of like a light show. It really is cool to see the lights changing and filling the inside of the play sent with vibrant colors.  

My girls especially love to turn out the lights and hop into their tents, and look at the colorful lights change, as they dance and sing along to their favorite musical artists.  Yes, there is enough room in this tent for them to stand up and dance all about.  I was even invited in on a few occasions to hang out and watch the light show, and could sit comfortably in the tent, while my girls moved about inside.

In addition to the princess themed play tent, there is also a dragon's liar one that boys will love.  My youngest daughter into dragons and knights, and said she would love for Santa to get her her very own Dragon's Liar Twinkle Play tent. Who is on her wish list so we will have to wait and see. :-)

This spacious play tent is not only easy to set up, but is a breeze to pack up and store. It also comes with a convenient carry bag with handles, so you can bring this tent to the grandparents house, store it in a closet, or bring to a park or even on  a playdate once Covid goes away.  

However your child chooses to enjoy the Twinkle Play Tent from Jay@Play, know they will be in for hours of fun day after day.  My girls love setting up their play tent and hanging out in it for their Friday Homeroom fort/tent days, but will also pull it out and set it up throughout the week to play with and enjoy.  They have special meetings that I can't attend, will grab a book to read together, or simply have a snack inside, while watching the lights dance all around, changing colors.

I am so happy I finally found a play tent that can be used by older kids, and that is well made and will withstand constant play.  At under $25 you can't go wrong with these play tents, which you can find at Amazon, as well at most major toy retailers, in store and online.  You can learn more about the Twinkle Play Tents from Jay@Play by visiting today.  Just imagine your kids' faces when they wake on Christmas morning to find their own play tent set up, ready for them to climb inside and play.  :-)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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