Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Keep Your Kids Safe In This Digitally Driven World

The Internet is constantly evolving: each day is better than the last, more significant, more attractive, relevant and, without a doubt, powerful. As more devices (and also gadgets) connect, it also becomes more complex. The infrastructure of the Internet, both physically and digitally, is something to behold. We must always be aware of the constant flow of technological changes, otherwise, not only are we going to miss out on the latest in technological innovation (which can have a very positive and tremendous impact on our lives), but we could also be exposed to cyber attacks. This can mean fraud on your bank accounts or stolen information. Increasingly, the threats that lurk on the web are just as dangerous and harmful as those we experience in the physical world, and that is why the same rules and care must apply in both areas. 

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Keep your family safe online

The earlier you present new assignments to children, the easier it is for them to accept them as fact. It becomes an integral part of family life, something they know they have to do every month, just as they (grudgingly) acknowledge when it comes to their turn to do housework. Also, you will help them understand why online safety is essential and what they need to watch out for. You will again forge an environment where everyone feels comfortable talking about the good things and the bad. Lastly, it is useful for parents as it forces them to read up on the latest developments in information security and technology.

Make sure all your devices have their software always up to date

Today, software updates are frequent and substantial. The reasons are two: the first, to improve the applications so that they include the latest functionalities; the second is to keep users protected from numerous threats (such as malware). Concerning this last point, ensure that the software is protected from the start as vulnerabilities do exist. They can be discovered by security researchers or, with bad luck, by cyber criminals. If you do not make regular updates, the flaws detected in a particular version of the software can continue to be used indefinitely. Also, be sure that you can track your family when needed too. If they are going out with friends or on a trip, you want to ensure that they are safe. You could look at Angelsense tracker, for example. 

Remove the digital items you don't need

Of course, it is much easier to visualize physical belongings than to imagine digital ones. With books, music and documents stacked in your house, it is easier to get an idea of ​​their quantity and the space they occupy. However, on a computer, for example, there are thousands of music tracks, folders within other folders, successions of files, and other items that are not so easy to imagine. But even so, things that are no longer useful or worth saving are even an unnecessary burden. And they consume space, even if only digitally. Therefore, just as you need to clean your tangible possessions, you should also do it with digital ones, eliminating or filing everything extra. It is so important to keep your kids safe in today's world. Encourage technology when it benefits them and always be aware. 

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