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Create Lasting Memories This Christmas and Beyond When You Welcome a New Holiday Tradition, Santa's Scout, Into Your Home (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

A New Family Holiday Tradition

An all new exciting way for families with children to share adventure and create memories together during the Holidays and throughout the Year

This holiday season is going to look different for everyone.  Santa isn't sending his stand in helpers to the malls to listen to children share their wish lists and pose for photos, families are not going to be getting together with family and friends to celebrate the holidays and have parties, and on and on, thanks to Covid. But, that doesn't mean that Christmas will be cancelled, like Halloween was for most areas, including our town.  Even though festive events and activities will be not going on, families can still make the holiday season magical and fun, by starting new traditions.  You could do holiday book and movie advents, where you wrap your family's favorite Christmas-themed books and movies and unwrap one a day leading up to Christmas to enjoy with your family.  Or, why not make cards to send to elders that will be alone for the holidays, or create care packages to send to troops still overseas. There are so many ways to make the holidays special and magical -- just sit down and brainstorm ideas with your family and see what you can come up with.  

We don't do the visiting elf in our house, as the elf we had spooked my youngest daughter out when she was little and she sent it back to the North Pole for Santa to send to another child.  But, my girls have been talking with friends who either have had early arrivals from their elves this year, or will be welcoming them back soon.  So, I thought, why not bring a new tradition into our home similar to the elf, but without all the hassle of staging daily mishaps, and that the girls would be able to touch and snuggle with if they wanted.  After searching the Internet, I stumbled upon Santa's Scout, and knew this was just the new family holiday tradition, that my girls would love being surprised with, and that would make Christmas this year and going forward, that much more special.

So, what is Santa's Scout you ask? Here is more about Santa's Scout, and how it works...

"How does Santa visit all good children around the world in just one night on Christmas Eve?


Santa’s Scout is Santa’s navigator and greatest reindeer helper out!  With his yellow star shaped nose, he helps Santa to locate the homes of good boys and girls on Christmas Eve. He confirms that children have been good and are heading to bed, then signals Santa to come ahead with gifts in his sled!"

The Santa’s Scout Activity Kit includes everything that you need to create lasting Holiday memories for your family including:

  • One child’s adorable Scout Reindeer with glowing nose
  • One adult’s LIGHT UP Special Star (with wireless remote/user guide/hanging hook – see parent’s section of this website for guidance on how to use your special star)
  • One beautifully illustrated family Storybook
  • Batteries ALL INCLUDED

Now YOU can SEE Santa’s Scout and help Santa to find YOUR house too!"


I love when they come out with interactive products like this that the whole family can enjoy together.  With Santa's Scout, kids will be on their best behavior, as they will want their little reindeer friend to report back to Santa that they have been good, so that Santa will make a stop at their house on Christmas Eve.  By lighting his nose, Scout will signal to Santa to come, and then will return year after year, to make sure your kids stay on Santa's "Nice List."

If your kids are on the fence about if Santa is real or not, Santa's Scout will be a fun way to prove that "Seeing is Believing" this holiday season.  With 5 easy steps, kids will have so much fun with this fun interactive holiday tradition, and will be excited when Scout arrives.  Once Scout has arrived, families can snuggle up together on the couch to read the cute book that comes with the plush reindeer. 

Kids will learn that they are in charge of Scout the reindeer and can touch and hold it. They can't pass it to others as it will lose its magic -- that means parents hands off, too, even though this plush reindeer is so cute you'll want to snuggle it.  Parents, don't fret, as you have been tasked by Santa with the star to hang outside, without the kids to see.  So, be sure to take this out of the box before you share the Scout reindeer and book with your kids.   Come Christmas Eve, kids have to place Scout at the window to look out, so he can be on the lookout for Santa and the shining star.  Also, his light up (glow in the dark) nose with signal to Santa's own person Scout reindeer that your have been good and deserve a visit from Santa.  Then, when kids aren't looking, the parent hangs the star light outside on a tree branch or within viewing from the window, and then motion to the kids to look at.  Kids' eyes will light up and twinkle when they see the start outside shining bright.  Then, it is off to bed, so that Santa can come and leave treats and toys.  Your child's Scout the reindeer will return to the North Pole with Santa, and will return the following year, to do his job all over again.

Doesn't this sound like a fun new family holiday tradition?  When I told my girls all about it, and then read the book with them the other night, their eyes lit up. They were bummed when they learned that we wouldn't be able to visit with Nana and Papa for the holidays, and wondered if Santa would cancel Christmas due to the rising Covid cases. I told them not to worry, and that Santa had sent a special reindeer friend to keep the entertained as they count down to his arrival.  My girls loved that they could snuggle and play with the plush reindeer, and that parents couldn't touch it.  They don't know about the light up star that was included with the kit, but I know that come Christmas Eve, once they see it twinkling outside, from the window, they will be reminded that Santa is real, and coming to visit and leave them some surprises.

If you have been looking for new holiday tradition to start with your family, I highly recommend Santa's Scout.  Right now you can get it for 25% off, and it include everything you need  -- the plush reindeer, storybook to share, wireless remote (with batteries) to control the light up star you place outside, all kept in a nice box that you can store contents and bring out year after year.  

So far my girls are loving the storybook and their plush reindeer, and have been behaving as they want to remain on Santa's "Nice List," and know their Scout reindeer will report any bad behavior to Santa, so they are being extra nice to one another, and doing what they are told. :-)  You can learn more about Santa's Scout by visiting


Order your Santa’s Scout Activity Kit today and save 25% for a limited time!

The Kit includes everything that you need to create  lasting memories and a new Holiday tradition with your family!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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