Monday, November 30, 2020

Carole Shiber Designs’ Napkin Bouquets are the Sustainable Alternative for Fans of Flowers - They'll Last a Lifetime and Dress Up Your Table at the Holidays (Review)

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

How was your Thanksgiving?  While this year's Thanksgiving looked different for most people, with only your immediate family around the table, or fewer people coming over to enjoy a holiday feast, I hope it was enjoyable and memorable for you.  This year, my youngest daughter, who recently turned 9 years old, wanted to do the whole turkey dinner cooking herself -- yes, all of it -- from cooking the bird to all the sides!  She loves to cook and bake, and hopes to one day have her own bake shop or be a chef, so when she asked to plan, prep and cook the entire meal, I knew it would be a great learning experience for her...and, it was!  A couple weeks prior to Thanksgiving, she went through family recipes and cookbooks, picking out appetizers, side dishes and even desserts she wanted to make for our holiday meal. Then, she put together a shopping list, so that I could go and pick up all the ingredients she would need.  She did a trial run with a few dessert recipes, as she wanted to narrow them down -- I just think she used this as an excuse as she loves to make, and this gave her time to be in the kitchen making sweet treats, leading up to Thanksgiving. :-)  And, when Thanksgiving finally arrived the other day, she was up bright and early, prepping the turkey and side dishes.  By 10 AM, she had the turkey in the oven cooking, and started on setting the table.  She wanted to wait until halfway in to the turkey's cooking to start cooking the sides, as she wanted them all to come out together.

Knowing that this would be a memorable Thanksgiving, in that my daughter was going to cook the entire meal, I wanted to make it extra special and requested to have a napkin bouquet from Carole Shiber Designs sent, to help dress up the table. 

"Send flowers that last a lifetime – floor tipped napkins rose-rolled with hand-painted leafy Napkin-Ring-to-Coasters™, beautifully arranged and then artfully gift-boxed.  The Sustainable Napkin Bouquets keep blooming for years to come. Generous 2-“ easy-care edged napkins simply re-roll into Carole’s original napkin rings for an ever-fresh, sustainable floral bouquet.  Make great hostess gifts! Available in a variety of colors!"

I didn't tell my daughter about the napkins until she started to set the table, and then presented the box to her. At first, she had no idea what I was handing her. But, then she opened the box, and her eyes lit up. 

She was in awe of the beautifully folded napkins that looked like roses. And, they were in festive red and green colors, which she said would be great for Christmas dinner -- as soon as the turkey went in the oven, she was sharing with me plans for Christmas dinner, as she wanted to prep ham for all of us. :-)

My daughter went back and forth with different ways to display her Carole Shiber Designs’ Napkin Bouquet, but eventually settled on placing them in everyone's glass drinking glass. 

She liked how the glass resembled a vase for the single rose napkins, and when she stood back to take a look at her place settings, she smiled, and said, "Perfect!"  And, once the bird and all the sides were done and placed on the table, it all came together, and was ready for a picture to last a lifetime, just like these napkin roses would last a lifetime, and be used for our Thanksgiving meal we were about to sit down for, as well as many more holiday and special occasion dinners going forward.  

While we couldn't have family with us this year for Thanksgiving, they did join us over Zoom, and everyone was quick to comment on what a great job Bella did with cooking up our Thanksgiving dinner, and how the Carole Shiber Designs’ Napkin Bouquet really added the "wow factor" to our place settings. 

Everyone wanted to know where they could get Carole Shiber Designs’ Napkin Bouquets  for themselves, as well as gift for the holidays. Like us, they liked the idea of these napkin bouquets being a sustainable alternative to flowers that only last a short time.  

Once you are done using the Carole Shiber Designs’ Napkin Bouquets , you can wash them, and then refold them into roses again, to use time and time again.  Don't worry, you will get instructions with visuals on how to re-fold them after washing them...and, it isn't that hard to do.  I was concerned that after I washed them I wouldn't be able to make them look pretty again, but I followed the step by step directions and had my festive red and green napkin bouquet put together, and ready to use for our upcoming Christmas dinner, which it looks like will be ham, and cooked by our talented 9 year old chef in the house. :-)

You can learn all about Carole Shiber Designs’ Napkin Bouquets  and browse her amazing selection of napkin bouquets by heading over to

Napkin bouquets are available in Bouquet of 4 (MSRP $60), 6 (MSRP $90), 8 (MSRP $120), 12 (MSRP $180).  I can't wait to see which napkin bouquet you end up going with.  

They are look so beautiful, and would look lovely on your table at the holidays. And, when gifted, it makes for a unique gift that family and friends will adore and cherish for years to come.

 Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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