Thursday, October 8, 2020

What To Buy New Parents

When you go to a baby shower, the gifts you give at that time are usually practical ones, gifts that the parents to be can use to prepare themselves for their new arrival, or gifts that will help them when they bring their baby home and are getting used to their new way of life. 

After the baby is born, however, you might feel a little freer when it comes to choosing a gift. This is your chance to buy something that is going to last, be loved, and be enjoyed – something for the parents, perhaps, rather than the child. Yet choosing that gift can be difficult, as there are so many options. How can you know you’re picking the right thing? Read on, and you’ll get some great ideas. 

A Memory 

You will often hear new parents saying they’ll never forget this moment, and that everything feels like it’s seared into their memories. This might be true of the time, but after a few years, or even just a few months, of the routine of life coming back with force, those beautiful memories will be harder to recall. 

The ideal gift, then, would be something that helps the family remember this special time in exact detail. One idea is to create a photo album of physical, printed pictures, that detail the first few days of the new baby’s life. Alternatively, you might make a video, edited properly, that depicts the same (these ideas, of course, will depend on you having access to the footage and photos). 

Something very different that will definitely be appreciated is a portrait by Instapainting. With this, you can take one gorgeous photo or even additional photos that can combine, and a talented artist will make a painting to keep forever. This can even be passed down the generations. 


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New parents are going to be busy people. Whether this is their first child or they have others, their way of life is undoubtedly going to be disrupted at least for a little while. Finding the time to eat properly is not going to be at the top of mom or dad’s priority list, and this is where you come in. 

The gift of food is something any new parent is going to love. You might bake something sweet or create a dish they can just reheat when they’re ready. Maybe you’ll batch cook and freeze some meals. If you’re not a cook don’t worry; a hamper full of goodies, a subscription to a meal plan, or some coupons for takeout is going to be plenty. 

An Amazon Prime Subscription 

Even with the number of gifts given and the number of items purchased well before the due date, as the new parents get to grips with their changed routine, there are sure to be other items that they’ll need, sometimes urgently. 

If you gave them a one, three, six, or 12-month subscription to Amazon Prime, they wouldn’t have to worry about it. They can order what they want when they need it, and they will have you to thank. 

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