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The Smithsonian Mega Science Lab Offers 6 Fun Activities for Kids -- All for Under $30 + Makes for a Great Gift Idea for the Holidays! (Review)

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Do your kids love doing science experiments or learning about science in general? If so, then I highly recommend the Smithsonian Mega Science Lab set, which includes 6 awesome STEM activities, geared towards kids ages 10+.  If you follow my blog, then you know that I have homeschool my two girls, who are currently in 6th grade.  So, whenever I stumble upon great products like this science STEM kit from Smithsonian, I love sharing it with my readers, in case you homeschool or are looking for fun products to do with your kids at home. And, right now, with COVID, many kids are homeschooling for the first time, or at least doing remote learning, where they are finding themselves home more than usual to complete their schooling.  This is one of those kits that you could pick up to help your kids learn science topics they may be covering in school further, through hands on learning. Both of my girls learn better with hands on learning, and when they saw the Smithsonian Mega Science Lab, their eyes lit up as they saw all the 6 activities, and couldn't wait to tear open the box and get started with all the fun. :-)

From erupting a volcano to pretending to be a paleontologist digging up bones and assembling them to make a model dinosaur, to learning about weather and then learning your own weather station and even growing your own crystal, this box set has a great assortment of science activities that kids will love doing.  

We received a sample of this STEM kit the other day from the folks at Smithsonian, and have been having a blast complete each and every activity.  We started with the volcano and then moved on to growing our own crystal. In the past we have tried to grow crystals with sugar in water, and even borax, but they never took and we never got any good crystals growing.  But, I have to say that we finally have success, thanks to this kit.  Look at what my girls were able to grow -- it did take a few days, but, they are so cool.

While we waited for our crystals to grow, we moved onto the dino dig.  I like how this kit came with glasses for kids to wear, to protect their eyes from the sand/dirt that flies everywhere when kids go to town chiseling away trying to find and dig up fossils.  I had bought similar dig kits in the past, but they never came with glasses, and I always forgot to pick them up.  My girls had so much fun digging up the dinosaur fossils and putting it together.  And, once they were done, they did detective working researching online to find out which dinosaur they dug up.  

If your kids have been fascinated with weather, they will definitely love the weather station that comes with this kit.  My girls have been using this weather station, which they assembled themselves, to check our weather daily, and love it! And, today was a treat when it rained, and they could gauge how much rain fell. :-)

This afternoon we worked on the Earth model, and I was so impressed with how it turned out.  This is definitely one model we will be referencing and using in our homeschooling this year and for years to come.  And, just a short time ago, my girls put together the Eco Dome habitat, and then went outside with it to try and find a frog or some bugs to put in it to examine further.  While they didn't have any luck finding a critter to try out in their new habitat, they did have fun building their habitat, and now have it handy when they stumble upon a creature outside they want to get a closer look at, or relocate to another part of our yard. My youngest is the frog relocator whenever my husband has to mow the yard. She runs out before he gets started to find the frogs lounging around, and moves them to another part of the yard so that they don't get hurt.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Smithsonian Mega Science Lab. I can't believe how you get all 6 activities and supplies for under $30. It comes out to only $5 per activity. Try finding a science kit online for only $5, or even an online class that teaches about volcanoes, weather stations, etc. for $ would be nearly impossible. And, if you did, the quality would probably not be that good. I know as I am always researching science kits and online classes and programs for my girls, and you usually get what you pay for. But, I can say that after trying out this Smithsonian STEM KIT, you will be blown away with the quality of the product and the educational content it provides your child, at only $30.  It is a real steal if you ask me!

I could go on and on raving about the Smithsonian Mega Science Lab, but, instead, why not head to your local Target store or even visit and pick up a kit to do with your kids. This science STEM kit would also make for a great gift idea for kids this holiday season, or to have handy for rainy or snow days, when the kids come to you bored and with nothing to do.  My girls really enjoyed each and every activity from this kit, and hope I can find and pick up more of these types of kits from Smithsonian soon, so they can create, explore and learn more.

To learn more about the Smithsonian Mega Science Lab and order, head on over to

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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