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Celebrate National Brush Day (Nov. 1st) with the Fun, Interactive BriteBrush Toothbrush - It'll Get Kids Excited About Brushing with Games, Music and Sounds! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Kids...Grab Your BriteBrush and 
Get Ready for National Brush Day on November 1st

Halloween is almost here.  Have they cancelled trick or treating in your area, or are they making changes to the traditional door to door trick or treating?  Unfortunately in our town, they cancelled all events including Halloween, for the rest of the year, to play it safe.  So, instead, my girls are going to have a virtual Halloween party through Zoom with their friends all over the United States, complete with a costume contest, dance off, snacks and sweet treats, games and even a Halloween movie night.  My girls are super excited about it, and are looking forward to sampling all the different candy they will be eating.  They have picked up loads of candy at the store, as they are making grab bags to send to friends in advance of the party, and will also be getting grab bags from their friends.  With all the candy my girls will be eating, I want to remind them that they need to brush their teeth, so they don't get cavities.  

I am not the only one who will be reminding their kids to brush.  Did you know that the day after Halloween is National Brush Day?  Every year on November 1st, National Brush Day is a reminder for kids about the importance of oral health and the need for brushing, to keep their teeth clean and cavity free.  I was recently sent two BriteBrush toothbrushes, from WowWee, for my girls to help me review and enjoy.  Now, usually my girls wouldn't be excited about getting a toothbrush in the mail to review...but, this is not your usual toothbrush. Instead, the BriteBrush is a fun toothbrush that combines games, sounds and music, to get kids brushing, and will let them know when they are brushing the right way, and when they aren't, so they can correct their brushing technique.

Before I share what my girls thought about their new BriteBrush toothbrush, I wanted to share more about this super cool toothbrush...

Also available at Walmart and other online retailers like Amazon

"BriteBrush is the smart toothbrush that makes it fun to brush right! Featuring revolutionary oral care technology including smart brushing sensors, side change recognition, haptic feedback, and a parent check light. BriteBrush provides live feedback to encourage full mouth coverage. 

Parents can have peace of mind through the Parent Check Light which allows parents to confirm if their child brushed properly. Your child can learn how to properly brush their teeth while having a blast with GameBrush. Play engaging games while brushing your teeth and earn star rewards as you brush. GameBrush is packed with 7 fun games including arcade, space attack, soccer pinball, dance star, punch master, race car rally, and rockstar jam! 2 fun brush heads included with purchase, choose from a purple or green brush head! Soft bristles that are gentle on teeth and gums."

Wow Wee BriteBrush Game Brush, Kids Interactive Smart Tooth brush:

  • Learn to Brush Right: With smart sensors, side change recognition, friendly brushing coach, and haptic feedback your child will have the tools to learn proper brushing techniques. The Parent Check Light gives parents peace of mind, allowing you to confirm if your child brushed well
  • Voice, Music & Sounds: Friendly voice and engaging lights & audio encourage kids to brush longer and reward proper brushing technique!
  • Seven Fun Games: Game Brush is packed with 7 fun games to unlock including Space Attack, Soccer Pinball, Dance Star, Punch Master, Race Car Rally, Arcade and Rock star Jam! Plus a tutorial brushing mode
  • Replaceable Toothbrush Head: Includes 2 soft brush heads (1 purple and 1 green) that are gentle on teeth and gums

  • Batteries included
  • For ages 3 and older


I was so excited to try out the BriteBrush toothbrushes with my girls, as they are always fighting with me to brush their teeth. Even though they know need to brush their teeth to keep their teeth clean and keep the cavities and need to go to the dentist for a filling, it is still a battle day in and day about about brushing.  I must ask them a handful of times each morning when they wake and as the morning goes on to see if they have brushed their teeth. And, if they haven't done it it, then I am asking them repeatedly to do so.  I get from my oldest that she can't brush until after lunch as the food will taste gross if she brushes before she eats.  But, if she waits until after lunch, then she usually forgets to brush, and then only brushes once in a day.  And, a recent trip to the dentist had her needing to go back as she had a cavity. The dentist reminded her that she needs to brush twice a day and went over the importance of brushing. Now, though, I am hoping with her new BriteBrush toothbrush, that she, and her sister, will no longer be fighting me each day to brush twice, or having me constantly asking if they have brushed yet.

As I mentioned above, the folks at WowWee sent along a BriteBrush toothbrush for each of my girls, and they have been using it for the past week, and LOVE it. I am also loving it, as I haven't had to ask if they brushed.  As soon as they wake, they run into their bathroom to brush.  They love how this is a smart toothbrush with interactive games, sounds and music.  I really like the smart sensor that rewards correct brushing, as my girls will usually just stick the toothbrush in their mouth and suck on it, and not move it all about.  There is also live feedback that is giving as your child brushes, that reinforces the great job of brushing they are doing, which is also a nice touch.  

And, if kids are brushing on their own in another room, parents can have kids bring their BriteBrush to them, and parents can tell if their child has actually brushed, thanks to a parent check light.

My girls really like the 7 different games to play with their toothbrush while brushing and love switching it up each day, so it doesn't get boring. I just overheard my youngest telling her friend about her new toothbrush, and she was raving all about it.  Her mom texted me later in the day to ask about the toothbrush as she said my daughter was talking so passionately about it, and wondered why she was excited about a toothbrush and brushing. I had to laugh at this, but then shared the link to the BriteBrush website so she could learn more about it.  Now, she wants to get her daughter a BriteBrush toothbrush, and will gift it to her before Halloween and all her candy eating with my girls at their virtual Halloween party.  This had me thinking...I should get all the girls' friends a BriteBrush toothbrush and include with the candy treat bags we are sending. Their parents would thank me, and the kids can get excited about brushing and look forward to it, just like my girls do.

To learn more about the BriteBrush interactive toothbrush, which would make for a great gift idea for Halloween, or even as a stocking stuffer for Christmas, head on over to  You really have to check out this smart interactive toothbrush to see just how cool it is, and why my girls LOVE it! If only they had these toothbrushes around when I was younger...I would have definitely asked my parents and Santa for one. :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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