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Celebrate World Tea Party Day Today Along with the Release of Itty Bitty Prettys from ZURU #ittybittypretties (Review)

 Disclosure: I was provided with samples thanks to the folks at ZURU, in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Join us and some very special friends on August 8th for World Tea Party Day, a celebration of fun, friends, fashion and always finding a reason to par-tea!"

My girls have been counting down the days until today as they couldn't wait to have a virtual tea party with some of their friends, and also celebrate the new release of the Itty Bitty Prettys from ZURU Toys.  A couple weeks ago we got a sneak peak of the new toy line, and my girls were over the moon excited when they saw the oversized plastic tea pot, and the small tea cup.  

First, let me say that I am loving the packaging of the new Itty Bitty Prettys.  I loved how the I couldn't believe reading the label that the teacup playset, that retails for $29.99, had 25 surprises inside.  Yes, you read that right -- 25 surprises to unveil and enjoy.  

And, with this new toy line, there are 13 super cute dolls to collect. But, I have to say the best part next to the amount of goodies you get in the teacup playset is the unboxing of all the accessories and the two stylish surprise Itty Bitty Pretty dolls found inside.

My girls were all smiles as they read along with me all that was included in the teacup playset...

"Inside your stylish teacup playset, you'll find: 1 Giant Expandable Teacup Playset, 2 Surprise Itty Bitty Pretty Dolls, 1 Convertible Table Top, 1 Teapot, 1 Teacup, 1 Spoon, 1 Hairbrush, 2 Saucers/Doll Stands, 2 Magic Teabags, 2 Fizzing Cubes, 2 Swappable Outfits, 2 Sets of Stylish Accessories (including shoes, jewelry, eyewear and more), 3 Packets of Cotton Candy Dough, 1 Mini Teapot, 2 Mini Teacups, 1 Set Tableware, 2 Sets of Treat Decorations, 2 Surprise Itty Bitty Pets and 1 Collector's Guide."

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That's a lot of stuff, right?  I kept snapping photos as the girls were so excited to show off all the goodies they were getting with the two new Itty Bitty Prettys sets with you all.  They really had a blast showing off all the goodies that were included in the Teacup Playset. 

It felt like every time they reached into the oversized teacup, they were pulling out more and more surprises. 

They really enjoyed the fizzing cubes that reminded them of sugar cubes you put in your tea, as well as the magic teabags that dissolve in water to reveal a surprise.  

Can you see how excited my girls were for the new Itty Bitty Prettys line from ZURU?  I loved watching them show off everything, and then use the cotton candy dough to make desserts and treats so that they could have a tea party with their new Itty Bitty Prettys dolls and Itty Bitty Pets. :-)

Like I mentioned above, we were sent the Itty Bitty Prettys samples from ZURU a couple weeks ago, and since receiving, my girls haven't stopped playing with the dolls and their accessories. They really like the expandable teacup playset, as it adds a fun to interact and play with the dolls. When they are not hosting a tea party, they get to have their Itty Bitty Prettys dolls hanging out in their rooms in the teacup playset. And, when they are done playing, everything stores in the playset and it closed, so you don't have to worry about losing the tiny accessories or dolls and pets.  I know parents will like this two in one playset, being a playset and also used to store all your kids' Itty Bitty Prettys. :-)

Both of my girls love tea parties, and usually have them with their friends in our backyard, but with the Covid pandemic we have been social distancing, which means no backyard tea parties this summer, which was a bummer for my girls.  But, thanks to Zoom, they have found a new way to enjoy their tea parties, by hosting virtual tea parties, which they will be having later today -- crossing fingers the rain in the forecast holds off.  To prep for today's big day, World Tea Party Day, my oldest daughter hosted a tea party in our backyard the other day with her favorite stuffed teddy bear, and her puppy plush toys.  She dressed up in one of her princess costumes and even dawned an English-inspired hat, which we dropped off in advance of today's tea party, for all the girls to wear and feel even more connected.  Here are some photos I took of Savannah having noon time tea...

She had a blast and even decided to bring her new Itty Bitty Prettys to the tea party, too!  And, based on the photos I took, I knew my daughter was having a blast, as she kept coming in asking for a refill of her teapot.  I guess her and bear were very thirsty and were having great conversation that she didn't want to end. :-)

In addition to the oversized Itty Bitty Prettys Teacup Playset from ZURU, we were also send their small teacup set.  

Even though this is teacup is not a playset like the teacup playset, it does contain a good amount of surprises, 12 in total for kids to unbox.  Just look at what you get with the Itty Bitty Prettys Small Teacup, which retails for only $9.99...

"Grow your Itty Bitty Prettys world with the super cute Itty Bitty Prettys teacup! Inside you'll find: 1 Teacup, 1 Surprise Itty Bitty Pretty Doll, 1 Magic Teabag, 1 Fizzing Cube, 1 Swappable Outfit, 1 Set Stylish Accessories (including shoes, jewelry, eyewear and more), 1 Saucer/Doll Stand, 1 Mini Teapot, 1 Mini Teacup, 1 Packet Cotton Candy Dough, 1 Set Treat Decorations and 1 Collector's Guide."

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My girls loved the small teacup and how you can buy them and try and collect all 13 dolls in the series, as well as being able to add more teacups for them to use with their tea parties for them and their friends to use, once they are able to meet up.

We had a blast previewing the new Itty Bitty Prettys line from ZURU, and made a special Target run last night hoping to find Itty Bitty Prettys on the shelves.  We had been to Walmart earlier in the day and one of the workers told us they flew off the shelves as soon as they put them out.  I guess my girls weren't the only ones who were in the know about this new toy line from ZURU.  We got lucky when we got to Target, as my girls spotted 1 Teacup Playset tucked behind some toys, and then stumbled upon the Small Teacup alone on a shelf. It was like the toys were meant for them to find. :-)  

We grabbed a few treats and decorations for our virtual party for today, and had to grab the last remaining Itty Bitty Prettys, so that the girls could do another unveiling with their friends.  

I could go on and on about how much fun the new Itty Bitty Prettys from ZURU are, but you can see from the photos I shared above that they are a hit with kids. My girls are 8.5 and 10 years old and can't get enough of these super fun and stylish Itty Bitty Prettys. And, now they are hoping to collect all 13 fabulous dolls to complete their set.  :-)  I know what my youngest will be asking for her upcoming November birthday -- lots and lots of Itty Bitty Prettys small teacups and another Teacup Playset. She is hoping to find a few more Teacup Playsets, to make a little village of apartments for her Itty Bitty Prettys.

If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids today, why not dress up and have a tea party outside, or even in the living on a blanket. Let your kids invite their favorite stuffies and use real porcelain tea cups or their pretend tea party sets. However you choose to set up your tea party, join my girls and so many other kids all over the globe as we celebrate World Tea Party Day and the new release of the Itty Bitty Prettys line from ZURU, now available at Target and Walmart stores nationwide.

Cheers! :-)

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 Disclosure: I was provided with samples thanks to the folks at ZURU, in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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