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15 Ways To Make Your Child's Birthday Extra Special

Making your child’s birthday special is a great way to bond with them and give them amazing memories that will last a lifetime. However, it can be tough to know how to do this - especially since many of today’s children are so much more spoiled than the last generation. Many parents describe their own children as ‘having everything’ - if this sounds like your child, what exactly can you do to make their birthday extra special? Read on for some ideas! 

  1. Fill Their Room With Balloons
Start while your child is asleep and fill their room with balloons. If they are a light sleeper, then you might want to fill the lounge with balloons instead. Go all out and decorate as much as you can so that they know you are as excited about this occasion as they are! 

If your child has to go to school, you might even want to wait until they get home to surprise them with a fully decorated house! 

  1. Have A Birthday Scavenger Hunt 
What could be more fun than handing your child’s presents over and allowing them to unwrap them? Finding their presents! Create a birthday scavenger hunt for them and hide their gifts all over the house and garden. Leave them clues suited to their age and ability and they’ll have so much fun. Plus, each gift will be that extra bit special because they had to figure out the clues to find them! 

Another idea, especially unique if you are taking them somewhere fun, is to cut out letters and let your child spell out where you are taking them! This can be so much more exciting than just telling them. Let them figure it out for themselves and watch their excitement grow. 

  1. Let Them Wear A Special Outfit
Your child’s birthday is the perfect day for them to wear their favorite fancy dress outfit or something really special that they can’t wear day to day. You could even let them put together an outfit all their own, letting them mix and match to their heart’s desire. Don’t worry about matching styles or colors for a day and let them have fun! 

  1. Hire A Bouncy Castle
A bouncy castle is always a great way to celebrate a child’s birthday, as children of all ages can have hours of fun! Even adults can use them too, so this could be a great way to have fun together on your child’s special day. This is especially a good idea if you are planning on having any friends and family over for the day. The entire family can have hours of fun using a bouncy castle! 

  1. Get Them A Special Cake 
If you’re a pretty good baker, this could be the ideal excuse to create a cake for your child. There are lots of videos online that can help you if you’re unsure of what to do and need some inspiration. If you have the budget, you could also pay somebody to create a special cake for your child. Cake can look so realistic these days, you could present them with a cake of their favorite TV character, or even their favorite gaming console! 

  1. Let Them Choose Your Meal Plan For The Day
Forget your meal plan for one day and let your child choose what you’re eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It might mean eating ice cream for breakfast and having cake for dinner, but it’ll make your child happy! Alternatively, if you want to make sure you all still get some nutrients for the day, you could give them a variety of options that they are able to mix and match. This will still make them feel like they are the ones in control without going overboard. 

  1. Go Out To Eat At Their Favorite Place 
Alternatively, let your child choose where you’re going to go out to eat. A special meal out with your loved ones can be a great memory for your child and show them that this day is special to everyone. Just be aware that you may need to ask them beforehand if you need to book a table at the restaurant. You don’t want to show up and find that it’s full! 

  1. Give Them A Special Birthday Bath
For the child that loves to take baths, see if you can make bath time extra fun for them. You could find stuff to turn the water bright colors or give them bath bombs made for kids. As well as this, see if you can find a birthday tray so that they can have a drink, snack, and maybe even a TV show while they take their bath. Let them relax and bathe in style! 

  1. Decorate The Outside Of Your House 
Don’t stop at decorating the inside of your house - decorate the outside, too! Put up banners and let everybody know that it’s your child’s birthday. You could even decorate your car and tell people to ‘honk to say happy birthday!’ This is a good idea if you’re planning on driving your child to school or driving somewhere to celebrate their birthday. Every time somebody honks they’ll feel joy. 

  1. Invite Their Friends Over 
Make sure your child has a great time (and uses up any extra energy) by inviting their friends over to play. Plan a few fun games, create a playlist, and order some pizza to keep it simple. You don’t need to plan a super elaborate party for your child to have fun. All you need to do is invite their favorite people over and let them use their imaginations. Ordering pizza means that you don’t need to buy a load of food and spend ages putting it together. A tub of ice cream for after should be more than enough to satisfy everybody. 

  1. Get Them A Unique Gift 
You probably want to shower your child with gifts, but how do you buy them something they don’t already have? Try thinking outside of the box with personalised gift ideas and things they can keep for a lifetime, rather than toys they will use once and then cast aside. A 3D puzzle can be a unique gift idea, for example, or you could spend time redecorating their entire bedroom in a theme that they will love. Other unique gifts for them include:

  • A personalised cutlery set and even chopping board for when they help you to cook.
  • A mini arcade game. 
  • A make your own slime/crystals/jewellery/something else kit. 
  • A small pet like a rat or hamster (one that they can easily take responsibility for). 
  • Arts and crafts materials.
  • Books. 

Don’t just buy them toys. Make sure they can get a lot out of the gifts that you buy them and maybe learn a thing or two! 

  1. Do Something New And Exciting
Why not plan an activity that is brand new and exciting for everyone? You could have a roller skating party, an ice skating party, or even take them zorbing. There are skydiving experiences, or you could take them to a museum if you feel they would prefer to learn. All kids are different, but you’re bound to be able to find something that will excite them! 

  1. Create Anticipation
Usually, the countdown to a birthday can be more exciting than the birthday itself. Do what you can to create anticipation and make your child super excited for the day. Have a birthday countdown by marking it on the calendar or use one of those lightboxes

  1. Write Them A Beautiful Letter
A beautiful letter will be something your child can read back on for years to come, and will likely become something they can cherish in the future. You could even make a tradition out of this by writing them something special every year. Talk about the things that have made you proud that year, and the amazing person that they are becoming. Include inside jokes, mention amazing memories, and let them know what a valued member of the family they are!  

  1. Leave Them A Silly Poem Or Note In Their Lunchbox 
If your child has to go to school on their birthday, make sure it still feels special for them. Make them a special lunch, and leave silly poems and notes in their lunchbox to make them smile throughout the day. You could also consider leaving the majority of their presents until they get home so that they have something to look forward to. 

Making your child’s birthday extra special can seem impossible, but as long as you give them your undivided attention and love, they won’t care about the amount of presents they receive or how much money you spend on them! You might feel like you need to buy them ‘more’ or like it doesn’t look like much, but kids rarely notice that when you work on making them feel super special. Try it and you’ll see for yourself!

How are you going to make your child’s birthday extra special? Leave your ideas below! 

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