Sunday, June 14, 2020

Tips To Ensure The Best Photos of Your Dog

Dogs love to be active and run around outdoors and with their dogs. This can make it very difficult for owners to capture adorable photos of their pets. Of course, getting your furry friend to sit down still is going to be a challenge if not near impossible. However, it is not impossible once you know the best techniques. Here are some top tips on how to take good photos of your dog.

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Hold a Treat

Do you ever think that your dog deliberately looks away from the camera when you want to take photos of them? One thing that is definitely going to make sure they pay attention is if you have a treat in your hand! Make sure that you hold the treat above your camera so that you can capture their expression at the same time. They will be so focused on the treat that it will look like they are staring at you instead.

Go for a Run First

You may be wondering about this tip. But hear us out. Do you not love it when your dog has a happy demeanor? The best way to make sure your furry friend does this for photos is to go for a short run first. This is going to make them pant and smile for the camera. Of course, you may want to give your pooch a quick brush afterward so that they are camera ready. Then you will have an awesome photo for a custom pet canvas from woof blankets. This could also make a fantastic gift for a loved one.

Crouch to Your Dog’s Level

A great way to capture your dog and the background is to kneel down and take the photo from their level. This can set up an adorable shot and make sure you are not hovering over them and cutting out their limbs and body for the image. In addition, when you are taking the image, pay attention to the background and make sure that there is nothing sticking out from their head. This is going to spoil your image.

Take Lots of Photos

It is unlikely that you will be able to take one photo and it will be perfect. So, this means that you have to take several and you can investigate them all later. Your dog is likely to move and you will be surprised how the slightest movement can affect the image. Therefore, if you take a lot of photos, there is going to be one that you love.

Take Advantage of the Sunlight

Getting outside and taking photos of your pet is going to enhance the colors in the image. In particular, sunlight can make their coat look beautiful and bring out the best in your surroundings. Just make sure that the sun is behind you when you are taking the photo of your furry friend for the best effects. Most of the time, you will not need to use the flash during the day.

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