Sunday, May 24, 2020

3 Things to Do Around the Home During Lockdown

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With the COVID-19 lockdown still in effect in many places, and with many people feeling as though they don’t have outlets available for productive action, it’s natural that a certain degree of cabin fever will set in.

Of course, being confined to the home might actually be a great opportunity in disguise in a variety of ways – as it’s almost certainly the case that everyone will have various indoor chores that need to be dealt with, and home and garden projects that can be undertaken.

If you’re looking for a quick dose of inspiration, though, here are a few things to do around the home during lockdown.

Work in your garden, or do some “indoor gardening”

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, but don’t typically spend a lot of time there, the period of quarantine could be an excellent opportunity for getting your garden up to scratch, enjoying and rediscovering the pleasures of sitting on your own patio, and indulging in a bit of gardening as well.

You can begin by dealing with any chores or errands that you’ve putting off around your garden – such as, for example, installing a 120W wall pack light with photocell, clearing away rubble, mowing the lawn, and so on.

If you don’t have a garden, though, a great project to undertake nonetheless would be to try out a bit of “indoor gardening.”

These days, there are many different resources out there that can give a great introduction to the concept of “square foot gardening,” and there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to grow more than you might think using only your windowsills and some standing frames.

Download some interesting audiobooks, and go through an intense tidying process

Generally speaking, the act of tidying and organising a messy home can seem pretty unappealing and daunting upfront – and for this reason, tidying is often one of the things we tend to procrastinate on the most.

Try this, though: download some interesting audiobooks using a service such as Downpour or Audible, and go through an intense tidying process while listening to a great story that you find compelling.

It can be surprising just how much more enjoyable the whole process becomes when doing this.

Go low-tech, and try out some arts and crafts

The Internet is an absolutely great and powerful tool in many ways, but the fact that it is also so all-encompassing that we often end up dedicating a huge chunk of all our free time to web surfing of various sorts.

While confined to your home, why not set some time aside each day for “low-tech” pursuits such as arts and crafts, or even just reading a good book?

Exploring different creative pastimes can help you to destress, get more in touch with yourself and your own deeper internal feelings and motivations, and can also open up your eyes to a whole new world of solo entertainment options that you might have previously overlooked.

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