Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Beginner’s Guide to Installing an Air Conditioner

For your air conditioning needs, Green LeafAC & Heating offers a variety of services such as unit repair and installation. With the summer season bringing in the most unforgiving heat, investing in a new air conditioning unit might be the best investment you would make all year. Before anything else, you must consider a few factors such as the size of your room, the air conditioner’s horsepower (HP), and the unit’s energy efficiency.

How big is ‘too big’?

When it comes to buying an air conditioner, one of the most prevalent myths is that the larger the unit, the colder it will get in your room. 

What most people fail to realize is that air conditioners will still run optimally if they are placed in a location with the right size. The first thing you need to do is get an approximate measurement of the room in square meters (sqm) and then match that with the air conditioner with the ideal horsepower. Refer to the guide below:

Room size (in sqm)      -           AC Horsepower

11 sqm and below       -           0.5 hp
12 sqm to 14 sqm       -           0.75 hp
15 sqm to 18 sqm       -           1.00 hp
19 sqm to 25 sqm       -           1.50 hp
26 sqm to 36 sqm       -           2.00 hp
37 sqm to 45 sqm       -           2.50 hp

Which ‘type’ should you choose?

Another thing to consider is the type of air conditioner. You have two choices: the window-type and the split-type.

As the name implies, window-types are mounted on the wall or in a window. Highly recommended for smaller rooms, these are more affordable in terms of installation and maintenance. The window-type, while generally cheaper, is more likely to cause unwanted noise since the compressor unit is found within the air conditioner itself.

Split-type units are more expensive, but they boast a much higher cooling capacity compared to the window-type. Generally used for bigger rooms, these come in two separate pieces: the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. Since the compressor is placed outside the house, the split-type air conditioner is capable of cooling your room without troubling you with unnecessary noise.

Energy efficiency matters, too.

No matter the type or the amount of horsepower, your air conditioning system should have an impressive Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The EER is calculated by dividing the air conditioner’s British Thermal Units (BTU) by its wattage. A higher rating means better efficiency. The best units often consume low energy, which results in a lower electric bill. You might notice that air conditioners with high EERs are often more expensive, but if you are planning to use the unit for several years, consider it as an investment. You will save more money in the long run, especially if you are a heavy user. When in doubt, look for a unit with an EER of 11 or higher.

Of course, knowing the basics is just one step. The next thing you need to do is call an expert to ensure that you are choosing the best air conditioner for your home. Our friendly staff at Green Leaf AC & Heating will always be ready to serve your AC-related needs.

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