Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Importance Of Fluoride Treatments At Your Dentist’s Office

Have you ever wondered why your dentist always recommends a fluoride treatment with your cleanings? If you are like many adults, you probably assume this is just a ploy to collect a few extra dollars on your bi-annual visit. However, there is more to fluoride treatments than you might think. They are an essential service, you shouldn’t opt-out of.

What Exactly Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in many of the foods and drinks we ingest. Fluoride is also added to many of the major city water systems. However, we most notably remember fluoride for being the active ingredient in our toothpaste. But is it merely put in there out of habit? What benefit does fluoride play in our overall oral health care? The answer is a pretty significant one.

Benefits Of Fluoride

While there is a thing of too much of a good thing, getting the right amount of fluoride daily is an excellent thing for your oral health. The biggest benefit is the prevention of cavities. But how does it prevent cavities from forming?

Each tooth will go through a process of demineralization. During this process, it will lose essential minerals that make up the enamel, which keeps the teeth strong. If you don’t replace the minerals lost, the enamel will continue to wear, until there is a hole. The hole will expand, leaving behind significant tooth decay. Fluoride protects the teeth by eliminating bacteria that can grow between brushing.

When you ingest fluoride or use it to brush your teeth, those minerals are replaced, and the enamel is rebuilt. The process will keep going every day, and you must replenish the minerals, either through brushing twice daily or seeing your dentist for fluoride treatments.

How To Ask Your Dentist If Fluoride Is Right For You

Most dentists, including Soundview Family Dental, recommend that patients receive a treatment every six months. Patients should begin using fluoride added toothpaste before the age of two. While they will be protecting their primary teeth against cavities, this is essential to their long term oral health.

For those that are experiencing gum recession due to gingival issues like periodontal disease, fluoride treatment is an excellent choice as it will protect any part of the exposed tooth root. Fluoride varnish can be used every 3-6 months to ensure maximum protection against tooth decay or further recessions.

If you are unsure if fluoride treatments are right for you, talk with your dentist. Start a dialogue about the benefits of why you should have fluoride added to your scheduled cleaning. Those that experience frequent cavities may find that with the introduction of regular fluoride treatments, the less chance for cavities.

What Are Good Fluoride Toothpastes To Use Between Visits?

Finding the right toothpaste is often a challenge. There are tons at the supermarket,
and many can seem to all do the same thing or offer incredible benefits. When
shopping for toothpaste, you’ll want to look at the active ingredients and look for
fluoride to be added—generally, the more, the better.

Two outstanding options are Colgate Total and Sensodyne ProNamel. Colgate is good for people of all ages, while Sensodyne is perfect for those that have teeth sensitivity. The Colgate Total contains .024% of sodium fluoride, while the Sensodyne ProNamel has Sodium Fluoride, 0.15%; Potassium Nitrate 5% as its active ingredients.


Getting a regular exam and cleaning is vital to your oral health. With the addition of a fluoride treatment at each visit, you can further protect your teeth from tooth decay like cavities. Remember to maintain brushing habits at home and use a fluoride infused paste for best results.

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