Thursday, February 27, 2020

Baby Basics: A Short List of Baby Essentials

Guest Post by: Eliza Gilbert

Having a newborn baby is a mix of warm feelings of joy and worrying emotions of fear on how to take care of a sensitive tiny human being. A lot will go on in the first few months when the baby still needs intensive care and proper handling—from making sure the place is tranquil for sleeping to ensuring that the baby is dry and clean after sufficient feeding.
When you are a first-time mother nursing a baby, you are excited to shop for baby essentials that make the baby cozy, warm, and healthy all at the same time. As cliché as it may sound, you only want the best for your baby.
Baby care essentials
There are so many baby essential products in the market, and the popular branded ones are always a bit pricey. Nevertheless, the protection and wellness of your baby is a top priority. One of the most trusted brands in Australia for baby care and other baby products is Bubba Blue. But before purchasing a set of baby products online, here is an essential checklist and a few tips on how to care for your fragile little infant.
Clothing essentials
Of course, as human beings, tiny or not, you would need clothing, which is very important to keep the body temperature warm and soundly protected from other harsh elements. Baby skin is susceptible, so a set of hypo-allergenic clothing will do wonders. 
You can get your baby a significant number of sleepsuits, baby vests, baby cardigans, baby jackets, infant hat, infant mittens, infant booties, and prams with clips. A baby needs to change for hygiene and comfort purposes regularly, so buy plenty of them. Expect your baby to change at least three times within 24 hours. Compute that to the amount of laundry you can do in a week.
Sleeping essentials
Comfort is the keyword whenever you are making a sleeping bed for your baby. There are Moses baskets and cribs you can find from Bubba Blue and other baby specialty brands that will suit your baby's needs.  
Make sure that the mattress is soft but sturdy enough to support your baby's weak backbone. Do not buy a foam mattress that will cause your baby to cave in, for it may cause bone defects as the baby grows. Also, get an infant headrest that will keep your baby's head in place and add comfort to the neck area. 
It would help if you also had some light sheets and warm blankets, but make sure they are not too heavy. You also need a quilt that is not too light for your baby to lift and cover the face area while you are away. If the room is already warm enough, you can do away with the blanket.
Hygiene essentials
Changing diapers is the most meticulous task for every parent. The baby needs to be handled carefully, and hygienic practices will make the baby grow healthy. The infant care products that you might need are changing mats, towels, flannels, muslins, kitchen rolls, cotton wool pads, baby wipes, infant nail scissors, and baby lotion. 
After changing diapers, the next probable event you should expect is feeding. The baby gets hungry shortly after wetting and pooping in the diapers. Find a nice size of feeding shawl to cover whenever you need to feed in public. Baby bibs also help the baby's neck and chest area dry in case of spilled milk.
There are still many baby care essentials you might discover as the baby grows. So be prepared to learn the ropes as you go along.

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