Monday, February 10, 2020

A Schulte Spinning Top by Bruce Charles Designs is the Gift You Never Knew You Needed! - Perfect for a Valentine's Day Gift for Men, Women and Children (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent along samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

This $30 gadget on Amazon will become an obsession with anyone who gets their hands on it!

Also, a must have gift idea for the person who says they have everything!

I am always looking for unique and one of a kind gifts for family and friends.  My husband is always a hard one to shop for as he always says he has all that he needs, or can't think of anything for us to get him.  So, I continually look online for the latest and greatest things that he has never seen and will love.  A recent search for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for him led me to Bruce Charles Designs and their Schulte spinning tops that come in a variety of metal options -- brass, bronze, aluminum and even stainless steel.   

"Bruce Charles Designs has reinvented your go-to fidget gadget as a work of art using quality craftsmanship and materials. Surprise someone with these metal works of art that are every bit as elegant as they are functional. 

Made with solid metal and a silicon nitride ceramic bearing, the Schulte combines superior engineering with artistic elegance. This top spins 10 minutes or more providing you with countless moments of stress relief or just plain fun."

As soon as I saw these spinners, I knew it would be something that my husband would love.  He always picks up and plays with the girls' fidget spinners whenever he finds them laying around.  And, whenever we are at a restaurant or sitting at home, he will grab a coin or something and try and spin it to keep entertained.  I reached out to the folks at Bruce Charles Designs, and they graciously sent along four of their spinners, along with their stunning spinning top base with fused silica glass double concave lens to spin his spinning tops on.  

As soon as my husband gave these Schulte spinning tops a try, he was hooked, and couldn't stop spinning. He even got  our girls hooked, and they have contests to see whose top can spin the longest.  

Here are two videos I took to show you how these Bruce Charles Designs Schulte spinning tops work...

If you can spin a top or quarter, then you can spin these spinning tops.  And, once you try it out, you, too, will be hooked.  Just the other day I saw how much fun my girls and husband were having and finally gave the spinning top a try, and, "Wow!" it really is fun, and relaxing to watch it spin round and round, for what seems like forever. I tried spinning the top of the dining room table, and then using the spinning top wooden base with fused glass top (sold separately) to see which worked better.  

I got about the same spin experience, but I do have to say it looked much nicer to watch the spinning top spin around on the silicia glass top, which sits nicely into the wooden base.  

"MADE TO IMPRESS using precision-machined solid, beautiful Bermese Teak. The most durable of the hardwoods. More than just exquisite decoration, our spinning top base won’t crack and is water resistant"

My husband ended up taking one of the four Schulte spinning tops to work, and plays with it whenever he is bored or stressed.  His friends have even asked to give the spinning top a try, and once they do, they want one.  My husband has been sending emails and messages with the links to the Amazon store where you can buy the different Schulte spinning tops, as well as the wooden base with glass top, so that they can get their own, and keep at their office desks.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, why not take the guesswork out of what to get your sweetie, and buy them a Bruce Charles Designs Schulte spinning top, and the wooden base with glass to go along with it?  

These spinning tops are great for men, women and children, and really are a fun way to keep your hands busy if you are prone to fidgeting, or needing something to do to stay occupied, or as a stress or boredom reducer.  We have only had our four Schulte spinning tops for above a week and half, and we can't stop playing with them.  My girls will use them while doing school work, or when they want something to do, and when my husband comes home from work, they always have a rematch to see who can get their Schulte spinning top to spin the longest.

You can learn more about the Bruce Charles Designs Schulte spinning tops, which are available for purchase through their Amazon store for $29.95-$39.95 (price depends on metal chosen - brass, bronze, fused aluminum and brass, or stainless steel) by visiting

Disclosure: I was sent along samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. This is really cool. What a great way to de- stress. I really love this!